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As Long as We Remember...

People Other Than Gays Are Important, Too!

December 14, 2004

In a recent article on The Tentacle (We Need Gay People, 12/8/2004), the author just blatantly said gays are better people than everyone else. Come on, a generalization and stereotype like that is the kind of statement that lets bigotry and hate fester. What makes him so high and mighty?

When I read that article, it made my blood pressure shoot up. I needed to know more about who wrote this. I read some of his previous articles. After reading his commentaries I understood completely who he was. The author was a leftist, bleeding heart liberal who will only accept things his way and is going to whine and complain until he gets it.

Frederick was a red county (I am proud to be a Republican). We will not let this county turn into our southern friend, Montgomery County. That extreme leftist ideology went out with the election. Everyone is welcome in our county. The small group of people (KKK), whose ignorance stands for its self, does not speak for the majority of Fredericktonians. Neither does the article's author.

Gays have every right to live in Frederick. They can contribute to our community and make it better or worse like everyone else. They are no better than heterosexuals or anyone else for that matter. Just to let everyone know, your income doesn't make you a better contributor to our community. History has proven that.

I believe no group is better than any other group regardless of sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, size, shape or whatever divides us. You take people individual by individual. To think that one group, gays in this situation, are better for our community is unacceptable. With a philosophy like that, the only individuals that should be living here are the white, double income, one child and making over a 100k a year. Wouldn't that be better for our community? Now, who thinks that is right or good for our community?

Is the rich gay man who works for IBM better than the guy who picks up your trash? Could we even run a community without the low income citizens? Neither is better than the other. What they do for our community is the only thing we should care about. The rich only feed the tax pool that half the time is spent on things we shouldn't be spending on. More money, more waste. No community can survive without the low income citizen; they make up too much of the majority.

Liberals (they don't like that term) don't realize why they lost the election, but from the previous article is it clear to see. They have gone so far left they have forgotten the people who got them to the game. Here is a prime example. The majority African Americans have overwhelmingly supported the Democratic Party. The author offended "blacks" and me, being an African American. He compared being black to being gay.

Being black is genetic and until it is positively proven that being gay is genetic, do not put them in the same category. Why not add fat people to the list of protected groups? They are more widely discriminated against than any of the protected groups. Everybody makes fat jokes. They have the same problems that every group on that list does. Scientists have proven that there is a fat gene. Add them to the list.

Would you want the rich gay man who just works and goes home or the poor guy who helps the community? I want the rich, poor, straight or gay citizen that helps to make the place I call home a better place.

Edward Dorsey, Frederick

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