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As Long as We Remember...

Israeli-Palestinian Problem Has a Solution

October 19, 2004

First off, I'm an old World War II ex-conservative. Although my foreign duty kept me out of the combat areas, I have shed some blood, four gallons to be exact for which I have Red Cross blood donor cards.

One glaring issue which the two political combatants seem to be in agreement on is the war- and it is a war - between Israel and the Palestinians. They both agree that the Palestinians are the terrorists and the Israelis are defending their country against the suicide bombers.

The issues are much more complex than that and are being swept under the rug by the politicians and the news media. A knowledge of the recent history of the Israel-Palestine fight is necessary to get an unbiased picture.

In 1948 the region of Palestine was controlled by the British, who had wrestled it from the Ottoman Turks who were predominately Muslims. In that year they - with United Nations and U.S. support - proclaimed the state of Israel to be established in a region which was overwhelmingly Arab. No vote was taken on the decision and the Arabs were not consulted.

However, the Brits promised the Palestinians a homeland as well as the Jews. This promise was promptly trash-canned as soon as the state of Israel was declared.

Shortly thereafter the Zionists, using the alleged promise of God to

Abraham, started to push the Palestinians off their land. After all, God had promised them the land of Canaan which included Israel, part of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and possibly part of Egypt.

This aggressive push by Israeli "settlers" was not peaceful. It has been accompanied by bulldozing of Palestine olive orchards, homes, buildings, and shooting of protesting Palestinians. These atrocities have been reported by Mennonite, Church of the Brethren, and Quaker human rights teams as well as by a large minority of Israeli human rights groups.

There is a simple solution which, of course, will not be adopted. The U.S. and U.N. should announce that Israel should draw back to its 1967 borders and they will be guaranteed military protection against any aggression by the Arabs. Failing that, the U.S. should discontinue the $3 billion military and economic aid that U.S. taxpayers have been providing Israel annually.

Jerry Kessler, Frederick

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