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As Long as We Remember...

Food For Thought

December 5, 2003

The following is a quote from Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida (where else), that appeared in today’s paper (Sunday 11-23-03 in the Villages Sunday Sun) just in case you missed it, or it isn't in your Sunday paper. He said this at a conference on drug prevention.

"We're not going to be like our parents. We're going to focus on the things that are JUST, and RIGHT and LOVING and WHOLESOME."

How's that for strong words, and what does this say about him, since he is a parent, and us?

Plenty of grist for the Democrats’ mill here.

Another tidbit you might not have seen in your paper of the same day was an article about Chi-Chi's restaurant in Pennsylvania where green onions from MEXICO was used in making salsa and sickened 500 people and killed 3. Along with this article was another concerning food labels. Bargainers agreed to block labels identifying which country food products come from. The agreements, STRUCK PRIVATELY IN BACK-ROOM DISCUSSIONS etc.

Now I ask you, if countries we import these products from don't need to follow any particular rules concerning fertilizers, pesticides, etc., why then do American farmers? And further just who is our government protecting here?

And lastly this generation has been called the Greatest, and the Boomers Generation, it has been said, will be the wealthiest. If this is so, then I would suggest to them that they should fight to void the bill that was just passed by the HOUSE concerning the new prescription drug "BENEFIT". This so called "benefit" only benefits the drug companies, i.e., stop seniors from buying their meds from Canada. Charge seniors a monthly fee for a "benefit" that MOST seniors today can't use, etc. However much it will cost us now, will only cost the Boomers more because of increases between now and their date of retirement.

I couldn't believe AARP indorsed this PLAN and then a light bulb came on and I realized AARP has a pharmacy.

Time for the Boomers to get more involved, besides just voting, because the Greatest Generation is fading away and passing the buck.

These articles would be funny if they weren't so sad for the American people.

Hazel Runkles Summerfield FL

Hazel Runkles, Summerfield FL

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