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As Long as We Remember...

Believes Koontz Has Personal Vendetta To Spur Criticism

March 11, 2003

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter was sent via The Tentacle addressed directly to David ‘Kip’ Koontz. Though this letter is a personal one, Mr. Koontz believes that it is important to the process of public discourse that all voices and opinions be heard. Therefore he requested the letter be published in the Letters To The Tentacle. It should also be noted that the writer has a familial connection to the object of part of Mr. Koontz’ criticism in the magazine article.)

Dear Mr. Koontz, While perusing the most recent issue of Frederick Magazine, I ran across Dan Patrell’s interview with you. While I applaud you for even being able to show your face in public after last Fall’s loss in the election, I have to wonder what it is that keeps you at the fore front of political life in Frederick.

I view the fact that you are openly homosexual as a wholly inadequate tool in and of itself for "champion[ing] the causes of economic rights, equality for women, people of color and gays and lesbians." Being a member of a group that faces discrimination and ridicule does not necessarily qualify one to label themselves as the champion of the cause for that group or others of a similar lot.

Where did your formal training and study of women’s issues, economics, and philosophical understandings of equality and justice come from? Without such credentials are you really the best advocate for these groups?

In fact your inability to hone your own political agenda and carry it out with clarity of purpose probably does more harm than good for helping educate people in our community and dispelling myths regarding taboos associated with the lifestyle of homosexuals, let alone women in our society.

Exacting revenge on your political rivals has caused you to lose any sense of focus on what you might have accomplished to enact change. Your reason for losing the election, among many other contextual facts, could most certainly be tied to a focus on the competition you faced rather than the game itself.

If you had made a more concerted effort to make your voice heard and stand by your ideas and convictions rather than simply react emotionally to your rivals’ objection to your personal life, you may have had more success. Sadly enough, an actual formal role in the political process may have placed you in a real position of action.

Instead you chose the former option in which your afford yourself the opportunity to hide from direct questioning on misstatements by yourself, consistently hiding behind the guise of your computer and the Internet, or an interview with someone where you have time to think of clever responses to his questions.

But then again maybe your decision to speak on issues of political and social concern are all derived from that deep seated animosity for your political rival in which case your move to action becomes one of a less than honorable nature. I would imagine that very few politicians have actually been successful ones when the basis for their motivation centered around personal vendettas.

In any event, it is my opinion that the gay community, and any other group that you have decided to be the expert on in regard to freeing them of social injustice, would be better served by a voice that wishes to champion real social change in lieu of carrying out personal grievances in a very public and embarrassing format.

Brad Benna, Frederick

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