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As Long as We Remember...

Trust Citizens With Their Own Money

February 25, 2003

Well, as usual, Mike Kuster (in his column on The Tentacle on February 6) has got to show why the Demohypocrites got it wrong.

First of all who is reasonable for telling Tom, Dick, and Harry not to put all of their money in the slot in the first place? The money, after all belongs to them, it is not the never ending pool that the Demohypocrites think they can go after anytime they want. The money first, and foremost belongs to the people, and it is the people, not the Demohypocrites who know best how to spend it.

When the Demohypocrites spend our money, they just don't stop. Hence the $1.3 billion deficit projected for the state next year.

Obviously educated in the Peoples Republic of Frederick County Schools, Mr. Kuster does not quite grip the tax concept. A tax is IMPOSED on people like myself, usually by people like himself, who have the heartfelt belief that they better know how to spend it, or give it away to people who don't earn it because they BELIEVE they need it more than I. A slot machine is incapable of making that decision.

What about the winners? Since they played their taxes already, would Mr. Kuster be in favor of exempting all of the winnings from state taxes. I bet not. That great flow of money must keep coming.

Another point made in Mr. Kuster's article is how the people who make less, and unwisely play the same amount play - a larger percentage of their salary. By this statement, I would like to congratulate Mr. Kuster for saying what Republicans have said for a long time. The tax system is unfair, and now it appears that Mr. Kuster agrees that we should adopt a fair and balanced flat tax system. Glad to have you aboard.

How touching that Mr. Kuster is concerned for all of those that ruin their lives. The now great State of Maryland has programs and dedicates moneys every year to help those in need. Those in need includes those who have a problem gambling in West Virginia, and Delaware, but live and have their "problems" here. Mr. Kuster, do you really believe that just because you say we should not have slots, that those who have a problem with playing slots will not go somewhere else to do so.

So, Mr. Kuster, why can't we just leave Tom, Dick, and Harry alone. Have slots so that we can keep some of the feel good programs that Marshal Spendening started, and still get our school funded (although that is another debate). Fact is there are a lot of Demohypocrites that think slots are a good idea. Reminds me of the old Saturday morning cartoons when someone hit the jackpot, they got dollar signs for eyes, until the tax man really came along.

Gary Podgurski, Frederick

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