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As Long as We Remember...

Koontz Letter Draws Another Response

November 19, 2002

(Editorís Note! This letter is in response to a Letter To The Tentacle from David Koontz last week.)

As a life long member of the Republican Party, I can tell you that I have never seen a mothership. All I have seen is 35 (not the full 36) years of Demohypocratic monopoly in this state.

When you refer to the First Amendment, it appears that you have taken this lesson from Gov. Spendening. If he doesn't like what you have to say, your school construction money goes to Montgomery County. If he really doesn't like what you have to say, your road construction money goes to Prince George's County.

I guess that we here in Frederick County should all just be like good little step children, keep our mouths shut, vote Demohypocratic, and be eternally grateful for the leftover scraps we are so fortunate to have.

While I admire your aspirations to become governor, do you really believe that the big three will ever give up that much power.

Letís all face the facts.

Fact 1 - Ehrlich, Mooney, and Cady won (without even a court battle). Fact 2 - The Demohypocratics still hold (with even a greater margin) both the house and Senate (in the now great state of Maryland) Fact 3 - School funding, by law, cannot be cut. The budget, by law, will be balanced. Fact 4 - Even if we were to start today fixing the parking...I mean transportation system, We are still going to be stuck tomorrow. Fact 5 - There is now enough by-partisan support to pass slots. Fact 6 - The MSTA is still more interested in getting money for students, than looking where the money comes from (i.e., public safety).

This is yours and my life for the next four years. I beg of you to come to the table and work with us, or we will have the same discussions four years from now. The biggest difference you will noticed now is that we are having a discussion.

Allow me to throw the first GOP olive branch --- "Koontz".

That wasn't that hard for me, would you like to try now?

Gary Podgurski, Frederick

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