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Turn About Is Fair Play

November 15, 2002

Turn About Is Fair Play It would be nice if when slam-dunked by Republican drones like Blaine Young, he would do me the courtesy of at least spelling my name correctly as it is not, never has been, nor ever shall be Knootz as he spelled it in the second sentence of his November 14 column.

Excuse me, was the editor asleep? My name is on a couple of columns here!!! Hello!? Can anyone hear me??? It's KOONTZ!

Seems that when the Republican mother ship took Mr. Young up and re-programmed him from Democratic State Central Committee member to Mouthpiece of the Grand Old Patricians, they must have accidentally jostled a few other wires that affected his other faculties.

Doesn't anyone else find it odd that the Grand Old Patricians squawk and holler about their mistreatment at the hands of the evil Democrats and they seem to believe that it is their right and responsibility to do so (it is and bully for them for doing so). Yet, at the same time, when the Grand Old Patricians are, in turn, criticized, those who do so are told to simply "get over it," "move," "get re-programmed and change parties" and the like.

Why is it that the First Amendment seems to stop on the closed inside of the door to the grand hall of the Grand Old Patrician clubhouse and, therefore, is not allowed to be used by anyone but them?

While, in my re-write of the state song, I expressed my concerns about the incoming governor, I never once suggested that he had no right to serve - that he should move or change parties.

That seems to be the fundamental difference between the Grand Old Patricians and the rest of us - many of their leadership and especially their mouthpieces - view the world as "itís our way or no way," while the rest of us have respected their rights to speak and express their views even if we didn't agree with their opinion - something Mr. Young doesn't afford me.

I wonder if Mr. Young is so vociferous in his quest to uphold the values of the Grand Old Patricians because, as a new recruit, he has to prove he is worthy through action and recruit so many newbies to their cause (bet he can't wait to get that red, white and blue Cadillac, but he is probably just at the toaster oven level right now) or they take away his membership card?

Any way you cut it, it seems he is trying awfully hard to fit into his new clothes of Grand Old Patricianship, and, maybe, they don't fit quite right.

No matter, in the future it is KOONTZ - remember it 'cause it may be the name of a future Democratic governor from Frederick County.

David Koontz, Frederick

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