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As Long as We Remember...

Do The Inmates Run The Asylum?

November 14, 2002

Do The Inmates Run The Asylum?

In response to Mike Kuster’s article entitled "Idiots and Insane", (hopefully with tongue firmly in cheek) Mr. Kuster writes: "Idiots shall have no rights to vote in any election in the State of Maryland. The status of idiot shall be declared by Michael Kuster or designee after an individual fails to choose the best answer or refuses to read more than headlines." Not to get too cliché Mr. Kuster, but judging from the content and the overall tone of your blathering, this would surely be a case of the inmates running the asylum; something we have been all too familiar with over the last eight years of the Glendening/Kennedy-Townsend regime…

Edwin (Lee) Nigh, New Market

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