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As Long as We Remember...

Writer Objects To Stevenson Comments

May 23, 2002

Bethany Stevenson's most recent column is a clear indicator that proves that if you are prone to prejudice and bigotry, then one can't see past that prejudice and bigotry to find the commonality with some of those with whom she is inclined to be prejudiced against.

In her railings against the "liberal left," she said that we have become a bad nation for allowing gays and lesbians to have "marriage relationships."

Only New Hampshire legally recognizes same-sex relationships, so wow, unless New Hampshire has gotten really big - it doesn't make up the entire nation.

Further, I have every right to have a "marriage relationship" with my husband regardless of whether Ms. Stevenson approves or not.

Actually, I am proud to say that in June my hubby and I will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of our Holy Union.

About two years longer than studies show an average hetero-union lasts these days.

Ms. Stevenson should maybe pay a little more attention to the morality of her heterosexual brothers and sisters before spending her time peering into my household.

You see, Ms. Stevenson conveniently forgets to mention that statistics show that over half of the heterosexual marriages in this country end in divorce.

For all her calls for morality and a belief in a Supreme Being, she fails to point out that studies show that divorce rates among "Christians" are higher than for any other sub-group.

A Barna Research Group study on divorce 12/21/99, shows that in descending order: 34% of those who are "non-denominational Christians" end up divorced. Baptists are next with 29%, "mainline Christians" come in at 25% while Mormons are next at 24%.

Actually, only 21% of those who identify as Agnostic or Atheist end up divorcing, while in contrast 27% of those who identify as "born-again Christians" get divorced.

Neither heterosexuals nor Christians of any kind hold a patent on morality.

Yet, folks of her ilk believe that laws should protect only them - especially from people who are not like them.

It is so funny how these fundies get so lost in believing that they are the only one's who have rights, that they forget that this nation is supposed to be about the rights of everyone.

Further, she is so clearly blinded by her right-wingism that she doesn't even see that some of the columnists for this web site, whom she derides, actually have seemed to agree with her on many things.

And that's the rub.

Her flavor of folk see only what they want to see and that's the differences in people.

They refuse to recognize, let alone stand or tolerate people's right to be different - no matter what our laws and governing principles read.

Even if those people who are different agree with their point of view.

How sad for them.

Then she dares to say that supporting a candidate who shares this narrow vision will help us on the path for the "opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Of course, she conveniently denies me that same opportunity.

No, Ms. Stevenson, liberalism isn't the problem in America or Maryland you claim it to be.

You are.

Maybe I should put a cardboard sign in the window of my car that reads, "Thank God I couldn't vote for Stevenson.".

Because I really, truly am.

David 'Kip' Koontz, Frederick

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