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As Long as We Remember...

Mike Kuster Had It Wrong! So Here’s My Take

November 13, 2002

Well, the Democrats never cease to amaze me! When the majority finally speaks in the now great state of Maryland, they whine till the Kennedys go home. Well, ladies and Dems, we got at least four years, and all of your tears may put a dent in the phantom drought.

Now, let me see, all of us that voted for Ehrlich, Mooney, & Cady are idiots & insane. Well, Mike (Kuster) you took them one at a time, so shall I.

KKT had a $1.7 billion deficit. How was she going to fix it? I DUN NO. Ahh, maybe take some money out of the transportation fund. What do we need roads for anyway?

What about slots? NO, I being a socialist, like monopoly, especially a state run monopoly!

What about funding the Thornton commission? Did someone say funding? There better not be any money out there.

You choose a Republican for a running mate. Did not. Did so. Did not. Did so.

Alex Mooney

One Phrase - Wife Beater! Never in my entire life had I spoken with someone who was so "militant feminist."

Well, Mike we are both to blame here. Me, because I almost voted for her, and the Dems because they wanted to beat Mooney soooooo bad they forgot how to find a good candidate.

Mike Cady

He DOES listen and got the votes for doing so. He formulates his responses very well, and I am willing to wager that the BOCC will run better because of it. It is only a matter of time when Loud Lennie gets upset at a speaker and storms out of a BOCC meeting and allows the VP of the board to take over. Loud Lennie's own mouth will shoot off and hit him in the foot.

Why is it that a person has to be a teacher, or a lawyer to be in public office? Are the rest of us just insane?

As a recommendation to the Dems, I would say: A. Get used to it. For as long as I been alive, there have been Demohypocratic dictators in this state.

B. There are going to be slots. Hence there are going to be more funds for schools, public safety, transportation, etc.

C. Stop your whining, and come up with some better candidates, you might have 36 years to do it.

Gary Podgurski, Frederick

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