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Informed Citizen Makes His Selections

November 4, 2002

Well, the election season ends tomorrow (thank God). Among the other things I have to think about, I must decide which candidates I like the best and, in some races, which candidate I dislike the least. I have spent several hours speaking to candidates on the phone, listening to candidate forums, reading this website, watching Cable 10ís Pressing Issues, and in some cases reading the hate mail. Let me say that the hate mail was the worst that I have ever seen.

For school board - I have spoken to Bonnie Smith Borsa and find her to be an extremely intelligent person. What a great view that she has about the position. It was refreshing to finally talk to someone who did not want the entire county budget to go to the BOE.

Mike Schaden appears to have similar views, from what I have read. I have been unable to get hold of him, and the makes me a little edgy. I like my candidates to call me back.

Two under votes

For County Commissioner - The one candidate that stands far above the rest is Mike Cady! He has always provided me with information on where he stands on any issue. I have noticed that Mike is never quick to make any decision, and I respect that tremendously. While gathering the information required to make a good decision, Mike will keep you informed on the process. I think that Mike will have great crossover support in Frederick City, and become the next president of the board. We will all be the better for it!

John Lovell. Congrats, you have worked so long and hard.

Bruce Reeder, Keep that pencil sharp, I look forward to having your experience back on the board.

Charles Jenkins - "Common Sense."

Note: To Mr. Thompson - You will be the first of Three Republicans you will not get my vote this year on what I call the "Why can't we all just get along" factor. I am thinking about name an award after you, though.

States Attorney - Dino Flores! Straight forward and not a politician. I think that this race is one of those where I am not voting for someone! Mr. Rolle has made his position as prosecutor into one of the most political positions I have ever seen. "I can think of no better example for the death penalty." OMG what about Bruce Kroeing. God knows you had plenty of time (5 years) to think about that one. To say that you have cracked down on Internet crimes, due to the "public" domain, then to put a picture of you, in uniform, which is clearly against U.S. Army regs, was at the very least ethically wrong. In fairness, I commend you for taking the photo off of your web site, and will vote for you when Roscoe retires.

Delegate 3A - Galen Clagett. Not so much a reason why, but I am not about to send Tim Brooks to the House. Tim is Vote #2 in the "Why can't we all just get along" parade.

One under vote at this time, but still not too late for (Patrick)Hogan or (Dick) Zimmerman to CONTACT ME. I have heard nothing from either of these guys.

Senate 3 Never in my voting life have I struggled so much with a decision. Okay! The amount of money does not matter to me, and both of you STOP mailing me that trash about each other. If I wanted to hear this type of bickering, I wouldn't be at my computer, I would be watching my KIDS!

Mr. Mooney - You were the Third recipient of the JLT "Why can't we all just get along" award. I respect that you stand for your convictions, even though they aren't popular. You need to remember that you are in the Senate to get things done, and even the Founding Fathers had to COMPROMISE.

Mrs. Hecht - I have spoken to you and have had a lot of my personal concerns alleviated. However, after you spoke to me, I got, in the mail, your "What's worse than a wife beater" ad. This is one of the issues that we spoke about. As you may know that there is a WOMAN in the local jail charged with killing another WOMAN, and a 5-week-old baby. Not a "WIFE BEATER." When I called to complain about this, your staffers told me not to be so "One ISSUE." I then informed them that I was back on the undecided side. The staffer asked if I would vote for Mooney, or just cast a no vote. Let me tell you now. It's going to be a vote for Mooney. It wasn't going to be until I was asked that question. Do I agree with what Mooney has to say, absolutely NOT, but I'll fire him next time when the Dems put up a better candidate.

Governor - KKT has lied about...well everything. Her staff is telling me that she is for building the ICC (no help to Frederick County), but is counting on the U.S. EPA to shoot the project down. While there is no federal mandate to support the Department of Education, it is in the state constitution to do so. I am completely burned at the debate. Why wasn't there a debate in Western Maryland, and on the Eastern Shore? Oh, because those 20 (out of 23) counties are mainly conservative. And I am still unclear on your answer, are you a part of the Glendening administration or not? How are you going to balance the budget? (Beg, Borrow, or Steal)

Erhlich is wrong to bring up the $1.7 billion deficit, it has to be rectified. However, he should be bringing up how KKT plans to do it. We all know his plans includes slots. We don't know that her plan includes taking money away from the much needed transportation fund.

The envelope please - Bobby Erhlich

Roscoe Bartlett for House - Okay, big deal, Besides doesn't he share the same last name as the President...Oh, that's Television.

My sincere congratulations to all of Tuesday's WINNERS. I would also like to thank all of the candidates for giving us the opportunity to choose. It is the American way, and even though I may not agree with your politics, I hope that we could remain CIVIL.

p.s. To the winners, you will probably be getting some calls from the drug companies, asking for your support. As of Wednesday their sales of pain relievers will drop off

Gary Podgurski, Frederick

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