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As Long as We Remember...

Cable 10 Viewer Upset By Comments on Election Coverage

October 9, 2002

As you may know, I am a conservative Republican. I think it is unfair when Alex Mooney is accused and ridiculed on the program (Cable 10ís Primary Election Coverage) and no one defends him. Particularly, it was upsetting when David Koontz, by phone, said that we could not believe Mooney on the issue of an illegally high contribution because he lied previously about his living expenses. There was no reply made to this false and derogatory statement. It seems that it is open season on Mooney, and Ferguson also. It was uncivil for David Brinkley and Koontz on the evening of the primary to throw more dirt on Ferguson who had just been defeated.

Bob Scovner, Middletown

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