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Not Buying What Ferguson Is Selling

September 4, 2002

With the latest round of political mailings, it became apparent that Mr. Tim Ferguson is applying the same legislative "used-car-salesman" approach to his present senatorial campaign that he has applied during his term in office.

Mr. Ferguson is mounting a campaign of misinformation and I STRONGLY suggest that his constituency take his endorsement claims with a BIG grain of salt. He would have you believe that the endorsements are a glowing testament to his political prowess when in fact they are merely a result of outdated political policy of the (Republican) party supporting the incumbent. Call the endorsee and ask.

I would also suggest that the constituency examine questionable campaign finance expenditures such as paying for his "golf tryout" and many "personal meals and entertainment", etc., and his "quid pro quo" dealings with Peter Angelos whereby he switched his vote, ending a filibuster on the tobacco bill that gained Mr. Angelos $1 Billion and reportedly gained Ferguson campaign contributions from Angelos-owned entities.

His disregard for his constituents concerns me, as well. For example: During the fiasco in Annapolis where Senator Ferguson reportedly nearly ran down a family while driving the wrong way on a one-way street, he was quoted in the Baltimore Sun as calling other Maryland motorists "red necks." And while the furor over gun legislation (SB 211) was at full boil, he defended his lack of promised support of the bill by saying: "I'm not going to fall on my sword for folks who won't even pay $25 dollars to come to my (expletive deleted) chicken dinner." Evidently he was referring to the lack of support for one of his fund raising events.

I don't know exactly what Mr. Ferguson is selling, but I have a suspicion it can be found in a barnyard for free.

Edwin (Lee) Nigh, New Market

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