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As Long as We Remember...

Marshall Column Upsets Reader

May 29, 2002

While it is not my practice to get into a proverbial shouting match with someone who is as misguided as Lee Marshall is, it was simply impossible to ignore being called abhorrent.

What Mr. Marshall missed in my letter to the webitor (which incidentally would have been a better venue for Mr. Marshall's diatribe) was that it is such a common practice for the virtuous (HAH!) heterosexuals to get so caught up in abhorring us that they spend no time in cleaning up their own houses.

For instance, there are at least eight massage parlors in Frederick County that give men the opportunity to get much more than a massage.

So far to my knowledge, Mr. Marshall, Ms. Stevenson, et. al. have been mute on that.


Nowhere has Ms. Stevenson, Mr. Marshall or any of his "god-like" friends spent any public time, that I am aware of, railing against the moral corruption of his hetero friends, nor are they wailing about how behaviors such as this have had "delirious effects on our nation."

On the Internet, one can find happy heteros practicing everything from simple sadism/masochism and bondage/domination to "stomping" which is where a male finds gratification in watching a woman stomp on bugs or small rodents, yet Mr. Marshall and friends don't shout from the rooftops about that moral degradation.

Mr. Marshall is ecstatic about pointing out the HIV/AIDS has hit most prevalently in the gay male community, though he neglects to point out that national studies (NIH, record keeping statistics and so on) show that that fastest growing infection rate for HIV is among heterosexual teenage girls.

Doubt a gay guy gave it to them.

Further, while nearly every television commercial break is filled with a commercial to promote a new drug to treat herpes, you don't hear Mr. Marshall, etc., railing against the promiscuous and unsafe sexual behavior among his happy heteros who so clearly need repression therapy.

Mr. Marshall, clearing showing ignorance, attempts to make the case that sexual molestation by Catholic priests are in some way a "homosexual" problem.

Doing so, only shows Mr. Marshall's desires to promote his bias and intolerance to the limit.

Anyone, who wanted to think outside bigoted viewpoints, can easily find out by talking to doctors, sociologists, clinicians, pastors and so on, that pedophilia - which is what the Catholic priest is practicing - is clearly a heterosexual male problem.

Some have said that it is as high as 98% of the cases are of hetero men.

Someone I know, who has been in the field of treating cases of molestation for nearly 15 years, told me that not once has any of the boys she has treated was victimized by a gay man. NONE!

Stop looking at us to be the whipping boys to cover your own sexual issues.

How comical it is for Mr. Marshall to say "we don't deny anyone the right to live their life as they see fit," yet in the same paragraph goes onto say that being gay should be a reason to deny someone a job?

That is clearly a mental leap worthy of the flying Wallendas.

He says our homosexuality would affect co-workers, etc. Being gay doesn't affect co-workers, behavior does.

Anyone, gay or not, should not do things of a sexual nature in the workplace that would make anyone else uncomfortable.

But God forbid we make heteros live up to any moral and performance standards.

There have been plenty of folk, gay or not, who have been uncomfortable with public displays of affection, at work or in public, but Mr. Marshall would seemingly applaud that - as something that is right and good.

He would probably smile happily at the couple who were seen literally all but coital on the hood of their car at a restaurant parking lot this past weekend - in plain view of everyone trying to enjoy their meal.

Is that acceptable behavior? Does it add to the moral fiber of our nation?

Does being heterosexual give one the right to have sexual relations, everywhere and anywhere and at any time one wants?

Lastly, Mr. Marshall, says that through his lifestyle he has managed to have children who accept responsibility for home, community and church as if gays are not able to do the same.

We are. We do.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to do some homework - which I seriously doubt you will do, there are plenty of references to the earliest Christians, writing and practicing rites of same-sex unions.

Plus, much of the religious foundations that folks like Mr. Marshall like to quote concerning the "churches" opposition didn't even start until the Bible was translated into English. Actually, mistranslated.

But again, delving into that would be trying to educated the educable - or at least those who refuse education.

The truth, Mr. Marshall, is out there, should you ever choose to seek it.

I know, if you do though, you have to give up some of your fears and hostility and that can be tough. Overcoming inherent bigotry is difficult.

But, if Barry Goldwater can do it (and, yes, he lectured and spoke publicly about equality for gays and lesbians), maybe you can do it too.

In the meantime, I hope you can learn to hug. It really makes you feel better.

David 'Kip' Koontz, Frederick

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