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As Long as We Remember...

We Need Another George Washington or Patrick Henry

July 8, 2002

As I watched the festivities this afternoon (July 4th), received a blazing sunburn, and spent time with many family and friends, the thought occurred to me what the Fourth of July means in today's world.

Simply, it means nothing but a chance to party.

I watched a 2-hour parade of fire trucks, classic cars, and local organizations, and not one celebrated this great country and what July Fourth means.

Everyone clapped for the firehouses, and ogled at the custom Ford F-150 with suicide doors, but not one among the crowd thought about those that fought and died to give this country its independence.

I, for one, thought about how much this country has lost in the past 50 years. Morality, Pride, and Honor all take back seats to the almighty dollar and our prized possessions. More simply said, we care more about having that black and yellow Hemi 'cuda than about saving this country's soul.

We have let sensationalist reporting and the filtered media turn this country into scared little rabbits, rather then the Rattler that stated, "Don't Tread On Me". The war in Afghanistan? Just another Vietnam. A war fought solely for the purpose of CNN. The soldiers themselves feel that this is as fruitless as chasing the VC through the thick jungle. But no Agent Orange can remove the mountains from Afghanistan.

The longears and snowbunnies who run this shindig are more worried about the Afghan party that was hit last night than the 3000 civilians that perished in the Towers. This is a real war, people, civilians are going to die. We must deal with it and move on. We need to cross the border and hit them where it hurts, not some useless political target. We need to go for the gold, and not just the numbers. Kick ass, old-school American Style.

But that won't do, not unless somebody can get unduly rich off this deal. I am sick and tired of the leftist running this country, and need another George Washington or Patrick Henry to get our [rear-end] back in shape to save this country and our freedom.

So while you sip your beer and watch your CNN, think about all we are not doing to keep what our forefathers have build for us.

Patrick Covert, Lyndonville, NY

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