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As Long as We Remember...

Confused About Where He Lives

January 21, 2002

I tend to agree with the Checchias this (last) week. Common sense has taken a back seat to the political agendas of those in power, and only for the worst.

After reading the Checchia's "Common Sense" article, I can only feel confusion. Confusion about where it is exactly we live. I was under the impression that we live in the United States, which was founded by a rebellion from the big government, built on promises of freedom, and surviving on capitalism. "A free country" goes the old saying.

And where else might we happen to live? "The Free State", I thought. I could be wrong though. It seems that a dictatorship is squeezing its way into the works. The county government telling the populace what they can and cannot park on their property? A committee that will never see half the houses in Frederick City is dictating what can and cannot be built on to it. My opinion is that it is my land, I could make it a mountain of asphalt if I so wanted. Not any more. Now it seems they want to dictate how houses are made. Sounds like Hitler to me. Maybe now is a good time to leave the state before they close the borders.

Then there is Blaine Young's "Interesting Prospects". Those darn politics again. Where does a political figure get off voting on issues because of how it would look "politically"? Specifically I am speaking of Blaine's statement of Donna Kuzemchak's predicted behavior as an aldermen:

"So, if Alderman Kuzemchak would like to run for mayor in four years she will have to be very careful not to be perceived as an ally of the new mayor."

Why should Kuzemchak care what people see when they see her vote? Her vote should reflect the wants and needs of her charges, the same people who pay her to be in that office, the voters and taxpayers of Frederick. That goes for ALL politicians in office. It does not matter what YOU want or need, but what the voters and taxpayers want.

Patrick Covert, Middletown

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