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Gore The Herd

October 24, 2007

I listened Saturday to Del. Paul Stull on Blaine Young's Frederick Forum on WFMD-930 AM. I was glad to hear Delegate Stull talk about less government and cutting spending. I did hear something on that show that raised an eyebrow, however.

When they talk about cutting spending, why do we always talk about cutting police, fireman, and God forbid, school transportation for the children. You know why we talk about those things, it's because nobody will ever cut those items. It's a ploy to get more money from our pockets.

Why can't we talk about cutting the State highway budget for mowing along state roads, a colossal waste of money? Why can't we talk of privatizing roadway maintenance, and snow removal? Why can't we cut the thousands of administrators, along with the "staff" that goes with them?

I think I know why. It's because these would be real cuts, that nobody would miss, but, it may cost a politician some votes. It's time to stand up, cut the pork, and return the multi millions of tax dollars back to the working class.

There are too darned many government employees that get fat paychecks, and are responsible for producing nothing. Until we get politicians elected that will gore the herd, instead of just one Ox, the madness will continue.

Kirby Delauter, Thurmont

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