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The Problem: Governmental Growth

October 15, 2007

An excellent article by Chris Cavey on October 11, 2007 regarding Governor (Martin) O'Malley's addiction to spending. Sadly though for the private sector today, there are far too many citizens on the government payroll who are dependent on the growth of government.

When a sitting Frederick County commissioner makes the statement on a local radio show that "the government giveth and the government taketh away," it only underscores how over-reaching and out of control the government (at ALL levels) has become.

A fundamental lesson in Economics 101 is required. In 1773 there were more butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers, instead of regulators, politicians, and bureaucrats. Today that model is quickly and quietly being reversed. Also, the increased benefits and compensation packages furnished for our "government" are becoming financially unsustainable.

Due to the current woefully inadequate basic economics education, the average private sector taxpayer doesn't realize that the "government" has nothing until it "takes" it from those who produce a product or service in the private sector. We then get the government's application of "their" economics, leaving us with gross inefficiencies and overspending.

Just look at the latest employment census data for Frederick County alone; the largest employers are government entities.

Carl K. Athey, Emmitsburg

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