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As Long as We Remember...

What's in a Name?

August 22, 2007

We'll, it means different things to different people. Most liberals see that moniker as derogatory and deny it. Most conservatives take their moniker with pride and flaunt it at every turn.

Both sides have one thing in common. They stand up for certain principles and ideologies. For an elected official to abandon those principles and ideologies would be a slap in the face to the citizens who these officials represent on either side of the isle.

The media has fueled the political fire with Fox News and talk radio leaning right and all other news programs and newspapers leaning left. People need to research to find the true account of events. Let's continue and dissect the rest of this letter.

After 9/11 the country was together on the pain and turmoil of the attack and the fact that we needed to do something. The sides differed on what that something was. Karl Rove has been the scapegoat for all of political rhetoric, but where does it really lie?

Who voted to go into Iraq, then changed their minds? Who believes there is no war on terror and believes we created it, even though there were attacks on us around the world before 9/11?

Who has tried to bring down this administration from day one?

Here are some examples: Eight U.S. attorneys were fired. No crime was committed, but they still investigating it. Then you have the CIA leak case. Shortly into the investigation the special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, found that Valerie Plame's name was leaked by Richard Armitage, but his investigation continued for 22 months.

Just a side note, President Bush's approval rating is nearly three times greater than that of Congress, according to a recent poll.

Iraq: Some democrats and left leaning media agree the surge is working in Iraq. Opinion polls should not be used to shape the public's opinion.

Illegal immigration: The public spoke loud and clear. We want border security and our laws enforced before we talk about immigration overhaul. Would you give a thief a free pass because he didn't have any money? Illegal immigrants are breaking the law.

National health care plan: If universal health care works so well, why did the woman in Montana who delivered identical quadruplets have to drive over 300 miles to the U.S. to deliver her babies because the was no room available at the hospital in Canada? There are people with cancer who wait 9 month or longer before they can get chemotherapy in Canada.

The cost of energy: It's a problem that can be eased by drilling in Alaska, and by letting the oil companies build new refineries. The push for the use of ethanol has increased our illegal immigration problem since a big part of Mexicans diet is made of corn. Ethanol has driven the price of corn up and Mexicans can't afford to buy it and, therefore, they come here to feed their families.

As the 2008 presidential election nears, who will stand up for the principles and ideology that the majority of Americans want for our country?

Edward Dorsey, Frederick

Woodsboro - Walkersville Times
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