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As Long as We Remember...

Good For The Gander, But Not The Goose

August 2, 2007

After watching the annexation request in Thurmont for the Myers farm, a few points where crossing my mind. I'm hoping to get some clarification on these.

One item mentioned was the use of MPDU's (Moderately Priced Dwelling Units). I believe it was John Ford, a Thurmont resident who wanted to make sure if this land were annexed, that MPDU's were part of the plan. I think the county requirement for these units in this case is around 20% of all units must be MPDU's.

My first thought was that if Mr. Ford is concerned with MPDU's, he should contribute and sell his single family home worth about $600,000, to a low income or starter family for say...$70,000. He should forgo the profit, as he is asking the developer to do, and just do the right thing. This would give a starter family a nice house at a moderate price, and Mr. Ford can feel good about doing the right thing.

I also wondered if this works in housing, why can't it work in everything else? For example, Stacey Hobbs, who is against the annexation, could have low income patrons come into her husband's hardware store and buy MPHU's ( moderately priced hardware units). A typical shovel sells for $25. It would sell for $2.50 as a MPHU. The local restaurants could have MPDU's also (moderately priced dinner units). This way a meal costing $25 can be sold to a low income patron for $2.50 also. Oh boy, utopia, here we come.

I also watched Planning Commission member Randy Waesche tout his views in opposition to the annexation. The hypocritical issue with him is this. His family's entire fortune comes from the construction and development industry. The land his house sits on is part of Waesche property dating back to the early-mid 1900's. Had the local population in the early 1900s felt like Mr. Waesche feels today, he may not have a house in Thurmont. It appears he is part of the "do as I say, not, do as I do" crowd.

Mr. Waesche is a very nice guy. He's spent a career in Frederick County Government, only to retire, and start yet another government career in an adjacent county.

So, the way it appears to us out here in competition land, Mr. Waesche has the family fortune parachute, the Frederick County Golden Parachute, and possibly a Carroll County Golden Parachute as well.

The Myer's family won't fare as well as Mr. Waesche. All the Myer's family ever did was work 20 hours a day on their farm for the last 50 years, hoping one day to retire. It appears not only will they not get to retire as planned, they may have to keep working the farm during their retirement years.

As for Randy Waesche, that's OK with him, with his government sick pay, holidays, comp time, vacation, family leave, and his land that was subdivided from his parent's property, he is sitting pretty up on Waesche Hill.

Hypocritical? You decide!

Kirby Delauter, Thurmont

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