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As Long as We Remember...

Errors in Correction

January 25, 2007

I noted that Alderwoman Donna Ramsburg disagrees with your view about her role in the Odd Fellows zoning dispute. For one thing, she says that the Land Management Code (LMO) she voted for last year did not deal with the zoning of the property on North Market because that zoning had been in place long before.

The alderwoman now wants to change the zoning, cutting the number of buildings allowed on the tract in half to safeguard the health and safety on the residents in her neighborhood.

But, my understanding of this complex situation is that she could have voted to change the zoning in the Land Management Code last year. The code was rushed through, at her insistence, and at the insistence of Mayor Jennifer Dougherty, even though the expert, planning chief Chuck Boyd, asked for more time to fine tune the topic. If Mr. Boyd's suggestion had been heeded, perhaps Donna could have addressed her concern then.

But it seems to me that she and the mayor were anxious to pass it before the September primary, figuring the new and updated LMO, although incomplete and flawed, would help them in their re-election bids. It would show that they were getting things done - taking action.

Well, the mayor lost the election and the alderwoman barely won re-election in the general election.

So much for getting things done.

Joe Volz, Frederick, Frederick News-Post columnist,

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