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As Long as We Remember...

Beware the Green Commissioner

January 24, 2007

In reading the Gazette last week, I came across the article about Kai Hagen's non-profit business venture "FRAN". Amazingly, FRAN apparently failed to file with the State to keep its business status.

Mr. Hagen says "he may not have known filing was required."

According to him, the non profit failed to raise more than $25,000 annually in donations. Maybe if he'd have purchased that new $2,600 Apple computer with funds raised from FRAN, his efficiency rating would have been boosted enough to realize he had to file with the State; but, then again, $2,600 is 10% of annual revenues, that money may be better spent on fliers and mailings to bring awareness on how to save the African snail darter.

It's amazing; we have now elected a person to public office who has proven he has no idea on how to run an enterprise that was less than .01% of the county revenues. This would be fun to watch if it weren't our money he is now going to squander.

A few examples: a $2,600 computer, hybrid vehicles that cost $7,000 more than conventional vehicles. Oh, and don't forget the added maintenance on these vehicles, as well as the fact that the fuel efficiency vs. a conventional vehicle is marginal; but, hey, as with all good liberals like Kai Hagen, it's not what you do that counts, it's your good intentions that really matter.

Well, the next four years should be interesting. We're going to watch Kai Hagen use his county position to extort money from taxpayers to do what he couldn't accomplish in his private enterprise.

Just the simple fact that by voluntary donations, he couldn't raise more than $25,000 per year, should tell anyone that his cause isn't worth having. I think unsuspecting taxpayers better beware. When Commissioner Hagen gets done with his green agenda, the taxpayer will be left to pay the bill.

Kirby Delauter, Thurmont

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