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As Long as We Remember...

Code Corrections and Other Errors

January 22, 2007

Obviously, Mr. Ashbury's opinion (The Tentacle January 11, 2007) and mine differ on the issue of the Odd Fellows rezoning. I do believe this is a clash of foresight and hindsight. Don't they say hindsight is 20/20?

As for me, I guess you don't know me that well at all. Ask any of my colleagues - I have never spoken to them about the Odd Fellows property rezoning other than to inform them of the request. To speak to them of my opinions and try to sway them before I present before them would absolutely be unethical. I have firm beliefs. I bring those beliefs forward. I am many things. Unethical is not one of them.

To correct another misstatement, this development was not made possible by changes made in the regulations (the new Land Management Code). It has been permitted for years.

I was an avid proponent of getting the Land Management Code adopted in the last administration. As a member of the Planning Commission, I saw so many problems with the 30-year-old code that I felt a new code was best.

We had over 100 requests for zoning changes as we were adopting the code. Many changes were made by the past board at the 11th hour. We knew when we adopted the new code and map there would be problems and that we would have to fix those problems as we saw them. We are working on those problems. I believe this property is one of the problems, so I'm asking that we fix it. I believe my hindsight is 20/20.

Finally, I would like to note that this request has nothing to do with 'other solutions.' It does not stop development; nor should it. I do not believe developers should be made to 'pay' more than their fair share. We need to find a solution that works for everyone, not just developers, and not just present citizens. Everyone! I am working to do that through various avenues. Your help would be most appreciated.

Donna Kuzemchak Ramsburg, Alderman, The City of Frederick

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