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As Long as We Remember...

The Ups and Downs of The Campaign

August 30, 2006

The following emails were exchanged on August 28 and 29, 2006, between Clifford Cumber, a reporter for The Frederick News Post and Joan McIntyre, a candidate for county commissioner in the September 12 Republican primary.


This is a copy of an email sent by Clifford Cumber of the Frederick News Post on Monday August 28, 2006.


I'm sure you've seen the post card, a mailing from the Frederick Countians for Real Republicans PAC, and its endorsement of a five-person GOP slate.

I'm writing a story on the postcard and I'm soliciting your comments. Please let me know your perspectives on the postcard, the information it contains, and the candidates endorsed. I'm especially interested in the views of other Republicans who were not endorsed.

The deadline for a response is 4:30 p.m. My contact information is below.


Cliff Cumber


Below is the response of Joan McIntyre, Republican candidate for the Board of Frederick County Commissioners:


Who would have thought an endorsement/support postcard would stir so much controversy?.......Akin to the Stillwater Farm or Gladhill forum.

I am a Real Republican and always have been, nothing has changed with or for me. If a PAC whose principles I believe in wants to endorse me, then so be it and thank them for doing so.

What is the difference between them, the Chamber, Teachers Union, FOP, or any other PAC or group; they don't endorse all candidates?

I stand and believe in the principles of being a Republican. I am a stand alone candidate and I'm not part of any slate and I have my own voice. I do not follow anyone blindly down a pat., I lead on my own principals and beliefs in what is good for all not any one select group.

I will be elected on my values, my work ethics, my loyalty to God and country, my family values, my stance on less government, accountability and job creation within our county.

I have put in MY time and learned from the ground up. I think it's an honor to be thought of and called a "Real Republican." I don't change my political affiliation according to the pulse of the majority. I will always be a Republican, as well as a daughter & mother.

It's what and who I am, not what others think I should be at any given point in time. I stand by my principals. Guess it goes back to that age old saying, "If you don't stand for SOMETHING, then you stand for NOTHING.


Joan McIntyre

Frederick County Planning Commissioner

& Candidate for County Commissioner"

Then on Tuesday morning, after the articles Mr. Cumber wrote appeared in the Frederick News Post, Ms. McIntyre sent another email to Mr. Cumber, which read:

The only purpose of your "pleasant" note was to stir up trouble within the Republican Party and it won't happen from my end. It is what it is.

I will not bash or go after any other candidate because that is exactly why the present board doesn't have a good working relationship.

Anyone can get their point of view across without attacking others, and ....and that my friend is referred to as manners.

We'd be a much more "pleasant" nation if everyone could remember that. Defend myself yes (thus this response) but attack others NO.

Mr. Cumbers request is enclosed because I just finished reading his article and there wasn't anything in there except from two candidates and his request was for those that didn't get endorsed (especially) to speak.

Gee, let me see 5 endorsed, 2 openly not endorsed and that would leave how many others in my party?? 7 would that be correct, I didn't see one single word from the other 7 nor from those endorsed with the exception of one.

To save the effort of forwarding this to everyone I just sent it to your list and added the Tentacle.


Joan McIntyre

Ms. McIntyre’s email above brought a response from Mr. Cumber, which is below:

Mr. Cumber’s email


I'm not sure if this was intended for me -- it's not addressed to me. But in case it was, your comments,with several others, were included in a pull-out box on page A-7 of the print edition (top left of the page, titled "Area candidates respond to PAC endorsements").

I couldn't include your entire e-mail because it was simply too long. Others' comments were edited as well. I'm not sure if the comments box ran online. That generally only contains stories from the front and local page.

I've attached a scan of the piece.



Here is the scanned article:

Area candidates respond to PAC endorsements

The Frederick News-Post solicited comments from candidates on the Frederick Countians for Real Republicans PAC endorsements.

Here’s how they responded in the order their comments were received:

Democrat Ron Wolf said the five candidates named had "collectively done nothing to address issues the PAC claimed important.

"Roads are becoming more, not less, crowded; development continues in the wrong places (e.g., Lake Linganore); and most of the growth in jobs is directly attributable to the private sector and the federal government."

Democrat Kai Hagen likened the Real Republicans PAC to the True Republicans PAC that operated in the county election four years ago.

"The 2006 version … is another audacious effort by a handful of people who want to funnel campaign contributions to the developers’ dream team and fund a blizzard of mailings and phone calls and radio and newspaper ads designed to dumb down an election that genuinely matters to people of Frederick County."

Republican Ed Lulie called the ad an "open admission that the slate is ‘The Developers Dream Team.’"

"With this postcard they have blundered yet again and revealed themselves as the pawns of developers and special interests trying to hide from the light of public scrutiny."

Commissioner Mike Cady, who received an endorsement from the PAC, said he was grateful for the recognition, and has been a lifelong Republican who has voted in every general election and nearly all primaries since he registered in 1965.

"I have voted primarily for Republican candidates who share my views of fiscal conservative policies and look first to the private sector to address challenges, rather than the government."

Republican Elaine Kessinger said the information on the card was an attempt at "crushing our county’s citizens with propaganda."

"It would seem that the PAC representing these candidates are posing that only by annihilating individual voter conscience can the Republican system regulate both the objective organization of society and human passion, which from the beginning has both used and bowed down to the power of money."

Billy Shreve, an endorsed Republican, said those listed were true friends of Republicans like Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-6th, and Gov. Robert Ehrlich. Many of those endorsed showed up at a fundraiser for Mr. Bartlett over the weekend. No other GOP commissioner candidates did, he said.

"They’re friends. They’re also political affiliates, but they’re friends."

Republican Charles Jenkins said simply, "I am very pleased to have received their endorsement."

Joan McIntyre, a Republican, wondered at the controversy a postcard raised. Endorsed by the PAC, she had always been a real Republican, she said.

"If a PAC whose principles I believe in wants to endorse me, then so be it and thank them for doing so … I stand and believe in the principles of being a Republican. I am a standalone candidate and I’m not part of any slate, and I have my own voice."

Republican Samie Conyers said people had a right to form whatever groups they wished. But the demographics of Frederick were changing, he said.

"The people realize that there are people of color and other cultures here that have been left out long enough, and they’re going to show in their voting to try to have a balanced county commission that looks like the community."


Upon Receiving Mr. Cumber’s email, Ms. McIntyre responded as follows:

I owe Cliff Cumber from the FNP an apology. Someone sent me the front page article only and did not include the other article on page A-7 which did include several candidates comments.

I do stand by my comments for the front page article.

Cliff, I do apologize for my lack of full information and hope it's accepted.

Joan McIntyre

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