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I'm Not A Good Old Boy!

August 15, 2006

I found Katie Nash's column (Thursday August 10) to be interesting, considering her background in marketing. Obviously she does her marketing without first doing her research. This is a bad practice for someone trying to enter the marketing field.

To begin with, she doesn't know me and has made no attempt to know me. Evidently, rather than do research, she writes and makes innuendos based on rumor. I generally ignore the negligence of many of the people that write for The Tentacle and on the forums.

I really get tired of the "good old boy" rhetoric. It certainly exists to some degree but I've never been part of it and I have no more respect for it than I do the people who try to use it for their political advantage. I ran for and won an election when I was 28. I ran against the system. Like it or not, once you are in office you are part of the system and need to work with it. I look at people with apprehension and concern when they run for office and say they are not politicians. Once you enter the political arena you are as much a politician as the next person.

Despite people trying to label me, I am proud of the realities and values of my service. I am the only Frederick white lifetime member of the NAACP. I was the first mayor ever to appoint a woman to an executive position in the city and I appointed several. I supported the first woman ever elected to the Board of Aldermen, the first woman ever elected treasurer and many more women after that. I am proud of the fact that in my 20 years of service I had a diverse group of aldermen and I enjoyed very strong relationships with them. Almost everything that has happened progressively in the last 30 years in Frederick started during my administrations.

I would also like to point out that I have been honored or given awards by a very diverse group of social, civic arts and business organizations. Furthermore, if you look back at the voting records you will see where my real support came from. I have always run strong in the African American community and in the working class neighborhoods. I won the last Democrat primary 57-43 in a party where 57% of the voters are women. As Ms. Nash said, most "good old boys" are conservative Republicans. Did I read that she was a conservative Republican?

By the way, Ms. Nash, looking at your background let me point out a few things that relate to you. In a very controversial decision I helped out Hood when they were in a financial dilemma. Also, one of the earliest things I did as mayor was the recruitment of your present employer.

If you wish to join the chorus of those singing without sheet music and cast stones at people that you don't really know, I guess you are free to do so. Isn't that what is great about this country! It would be a much greater one if people bothered to become informed.

I wish you luck in your fight for the underdogs. I have been one myself more times than you'll ever know. I also wish you luck in your career and hope you have learned just a little something from this response that encourages you to think and research a little more in your future vocations and avocations.

For all of you who love to jump to conclusions about my family, I have four sons. Three are Democrats and one is now a Republican. I don't agree with all that they do or think. They don't all agree with everything I do or think. They are my sons and, as a father, I love each one individually and am very proud of their accomplishments. I hope each of you can say that about your children and that you stand by them in times of prosperity and times of trouble.

Ron Young, Frederick

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