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Point Clarified; Other Shots Taken

April 10, 2002

Neither Lee Marshall or Nicola George get it. My point in writing the letter ("Reader Objects To "Sexist" Comment," March 15, 2002) was to point out that using sexist language is unprofessional journalism. Mr. Ashbury, as a professional journalist, should be more familiar with the style books that govern professional journalism, primarily, the Associated Press Stylebook.

The site could use a good copyeditor, someone to check for typos, grammatical errors, and style errors. Many of the articles contain these sorts of errors.

My criticism is not directed at the Tentacle content overall, which provides a valuable forum for discussion for the citizens of Frederick County. In general, I think the group of contributors to the Tentacle is far superior to the round-robin group of occasional columnists The Frederick News-Post has hired; but, perhaps those writers will improve as they gain experience.

Patti Wolf, Frederick

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