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Glad Bush, Not Gore, Is President

March 7, 2003

Well, Mr. Kuster and the Demohypocrats are at it again. Although this time I think they may have reached a new height!

Imagine if you will, I get up, on my day off, get a cup of coffee, extra cream, watch the news, and see that we had captured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Later I log into my favorite website to read today's (Monday, March 3) article, and Mr. Kuster accuses President Bush of creating a crises. Can Mr. Kuster tell us how many crises there were during the Clinton Administration?

Fact is this should not have been a surprise to anyone. All of us should have had an emergency kit already. Whether or not we should add duct tape and plastic to it is up for debate, but all of us who do not continually rely on the government for our every waking need are prepared. No Doubt, in a flood or other disaster, Mr. Kuster will be one that needs to be rescued from none other than his own shortcomings and failure to prepare.

With regard to the health department, that is another issue. Never in my life have I seen a more sexist organization. Can Mr. Kuster explain why more men in this country die of prostate cancer than women of breast or cervical cancer, yet any women making 2 1/2 times the poverty limit can get a free or reduced rate exam, and men are hardly allowed to enter the building?

I thank God (boy, that alone has got to scare Mr. Kuster) everyday that George W. Bush, and not Al Gore is the President of the United States. Could you even image the crises we would have? Im sure Mr. Kuster would love to have the additional funds to study the effects of NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) agents on trees, but in his mind, like hair care products, no animal testing would be allowed.

Al Gore's idea of doing nothing would be a unique one. Let the terrorist strike again. Maybe well get lucky, knock off a couple of "rich conservatives" and the government will get a nice little chunk of estate tax. We could than give that money to somebody who doesn't earn it, and wait for the next attack.

Id take the President's tax plan. Id take the repeal of the marriage penalty. Id take the child tax credit going up to $1000. The Demohypocrats, who claim (lie) that they are for the little guy, offer none of this. It's not that they are for the little guy, just against the President, no matter what.

With regard to Mr. Carville, I think the Gipper's advice will stand in '04. "Are you better off now than you were four years ago". I have to hope at least, that even without the help of the Demohypocrats, we'll all be able to answer, "We are alive!"

Gary Podgurski, Frederick

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