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Mutual Respect And Divergent Views Are Necessary Here

November 25, 2002

It used to be that when I went away for a few days, upon my return I would face the chore of reading the daily editions of the local fish wrapper which had piled up during my absence. This is not a task I look forward to, but, like taking out the trash, it is something that must be done before bed. Now, added to this duty is a review of The Tentacle columns posted while I was away. (Somewhat more pleasant, but not on my top ten list). This is how I stumbled upon the Mike Kuster column of November 12. This guy, whoever he is, has hit a new high for arrogance and self-importance. Not that it's any of his business, but I voted for some of the people whose election he attributes to the idiocy of the electorate. And/or the insanity. I am not, as far as I know, insane. And I don't think I am an idiot, either. Stop on by the office, Mr. Kuster, and we will compare academic achievements. But be prepared to be embarrassed, which you should be anyway with your name ascribed to the juvenile whining and petulant rantings you posted on November 12. I was personally offended by this column. And, although - unlike Mr. Kuster - I will not attempt to tell others how to think, I believe we all should be offended. The right of independent thought, and the privilege to disagree on policy but thrive as a community based on mutual respect, in spite of our differences, is fundamental to American society. Mr. Kuster has demonstrated petty intolerance usually displayed by those frustrated with personal failure. If the rest of us allow his views to join mainstream thought in this country, we will have all failed. And then we would be idiots.

Rand Weinberg, Frederick

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