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Outraged At Columnistís View Of Election

November 14, 2002

Well, I am sure Mike Kuster will garner quite a bit of mail with his rant on the idiots of Frederick County and Maryland. Well, I am proud to say, "I AM AN IDIOT!" But I am one of the most informed idiots around. I read the literature, looked at the issues important to me, and I voted on those issues.

Just because I voted differently than he, that makes me an idiot? I am deeply offended and outraged. If he is supposed to be representing the Democrats of Frederick and Maryland, we are fortunate we were able to keep them out. Who needs reactionary and inflammatory people in our legislature? It make me wonder why he was unable to lead a successful campaign.

One thing I would like to ask is how can he have over five years of teaching experience at 25 when he graduated from college at 22?

Meg Fetting, Frederick

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