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Defeat Mooney Committee Wasn’t Just About Gays

November 14, 2002

While this will make no difference what so ever in how people think - case in point John Snyder's mean-spirited missive of 11/13 on The Tentacle, the Defeat Mooney Committee was in no way a "gay" thing - though the Frederick News-Post did its damnedest to make it seem that way.

One of the areas in which Alex Mooney (and it seems Mr. Snyder) show his intolerance is towards gays, but that was only one tiny slice of the Defeat Mooney pie.

Seems some of the columnists on the Tentacle should do some more research before they spout off half-cocked with inaccuracies and without the facts.

Or, maybe the editor needs to encourage them to do so.

Anyway, I assure you, Mr. Snyder, that those of us who comprised the Defeat Mooney Committee and our contributors (the majority of which were indeed not gay) will not get over it as it is our fundamental commitment to tolerance, which is the opposite of what Mr. Mooney is all about, that now ensures you have four more years of hearing from us, whether you like it or not - so get over that.

Finally, maybe you have never been to Provincetown or to San Francisco, but is you had and not felt as threatened as you most likely would have, you would have seen that they are very nice places, where all people - including the non-gay - are accepted and part of the process of business, government and life in general without the constant condemnation of all that is different that is espoused by the likes of Mr. Mooney and his ilk.

Unfortunately for you, I am not going to move there because I get great pleasure out of pointing out regularly and consistently that the Mooneys do not practice Christ's teaching of "Love one another as you love yourself," simply because it holds a mirror in the face of the hypocrisy in which Mooney's and his ilk live.

Hmmmm, maybe if the practice of Christianity would start being practiced by those who claim to be oh so ever Christian, then you would give me reason enough to shut up.

Until then - the spirit of the Defeat Mooney Committee lives on, because as all of you will come to see - he really, truly needs to be.

David "Kip" Koontz, Frederick

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