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Governor-Elect Needs To "Dance With Those That Brung Him"

November 12, 2002

Roscoe Bartlett put it best at the November 3, 2002, Republican Rally when he said, and I am paraphrasing, "let us change so we are no longer living in the People's Republic of Maryland".

Yes, Elizabeth, there is a Santa Claus. Although a self proclaimed moderate, Bob Ehrlich now needs to look to those counties of Maryland that provided him the needed edge to win this election, and he had better begin to court those conservatives immediately.

The coattail theory is not valid. Without those conservative votes, Mr. Ehrlich would not have won. Fortunately for Mr. Ehrlich, his core base of Republican support (of which the Washington Post indicated he was "taking for granted" while he sought support in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties) did not desert him.

Ms. (Ellen) Sauerbrey made the fatal mistake in 1998 of taking conservatives for granted and she paid the ultimate price. Now Mr. Ehrlich needs to reach out to those who supported him in order that we can have eight years of an Ehrlich Administration. Go, Bob, Go.

David M. Shumway, Frederick

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