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Delegate Hecht Made A Big Mistake Here

November 4, 2002

At the Urbana Civic Association candidate's night I asked Sue Hecht for one of her signs to post in my yard. I wanted to balance the abundance of Mooney signs around me. She was going to get two votes from our household - and may still.

And then the negative mail and radio ads started coming. We decided to remove the sign - it's gone!

And to think I was considering asking for a larger sign, one that could be viewed from I-270; I was considering lighting it at night so all the I-270 commuters could see while sitting on their interstate parking lot. But that will never be.

If I didn't have such a problem with the "Moon" I would have done as I did when I had objections to Tom Hattery's ads about (Roscoe)Bartlett. I produced my own large Hattery sign with a big red circle with a slash through it and I lighted it up at night so that the people on 270 could see.

I guess my choice is not to vote for either one.

Or write in Lennie Thompson for Senator!

Gil House, Urbana

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