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Do Not Follow Blindly

October 17, 2002

After reading her article of October 2, I realized that Bethany Stevenson and I have many things in common. I attend church every Sunday and am active in my parish community, as I am sure Ms. Stevenson is.

My family's Christian values are important enough to us that we have chosen to send our daughter to a school with a Bible based Christian curriculum. My husband and I have been married for many years and have managed to raise some pretty decent kids, all by God's grace.

In other words, like Ms. Stevenson, my Christian values are very important to me and I attempt to make them the foundation for my everyday life. Also like Ms. Stevenson, I support Alex Mooney, however, I think that is where the commonality ends. You see, I do not support Alex Mooney blindly.

I have many homosexual friends; not just acquaintances, but friends. In fact, I was David Koontz's campaign treasurer during his recent bid for City of Frederick alderman. I count David as one of my closest friends, and I do not follow him blindly either. My friends shudder when they hear me express my support for Alex Mooney, and with good reason. Hard "right-wing" conservatives do not support any sort of fundamental rights for "domestic" partners. That is WRONG! It is WRONG to characterize gay people as immoral.

I am sure that Ms. Stevenson could quote me chapter and verse on how homosexuality is an abomination before God, but she needs to remember just who accepted our Lord Jesus Christ as Redeemer. It was not the Pharisees, who could also quote chapter and verse.

Jan Gallart, Frederick

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