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Forget Iraq! Re-Elect George Washington!

September 19, 2002

The Magic word on everyone's mind these days is Iraq. That we should go get 'em, oust that terrible dictator, and make them a democracy just like us. That will certainly make everything better, right?

Wrong. First of all, how many American citizens told Baby Bush that we want to send our armies to Iraq? How about none? The only people he listens to are his closest advisors and friends. And you know they don't want to risk alienating the prez by telling him the truth.

Instead, Baby Bush has told the world that America wants to send their children to Iraq, to once again raze the roost of Hussein. I am not saying that he wouldn't be better off six feet under, or that a good war wouldn't raise our economy, but what has he REALLY done TO us? He has merely the weapons at his disposal to do damage. So what have we got? Tinker toys?

Saddam Hussein stated in a press conference that his country is ready to repel any attack, with kitchen knives if need be. Now, this to me sounds like a fifth grade taunt. We know he has biological weapons, and we know that he is researching nuclear alternatives. So he has a little bit more than kitchen knives at his disposal. What he is saying is, "come and get me Yanks, and see who gets theirs." And we are walking right into it.

Not only are we getting ready to step into his snake-pit-disguised-as-a-pile-of-leaves, but the world sees, as I do, that this attack would be unwarranted. So Bush wants to screw us militarily, and is screwing us politically. What?s he to do next?

The so-called "USA Patriot" act. As John Ashcroft put it, we are losing our basic civil rights, so that they can "Protect our basic civil rights." Sounds like a C-130 full of manure to me.

Kick Baby Bush out, re-elect George Washington!

Patrick Covert, Lyndonville, NY

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