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Whatever happened to my hometown?

July 31, 2002

I'm a fairly new reader of The Tentacle, and also a fairly new permanent resident of the City of Frederick. Oh, I was born here, but grew up in California. Upon moving back in 1999 to that old small town in "rural Maryland", I was happy to see that, upon the surface, Frederick still resembled that quaint Colonial feel I remembered from my childhood.

I would like to commend the Historic District Commission, it's current and previous members, for doing an excellent job of preserving our lush history. However, upon closer examination of this "Lost World" of Civil War-era architecture, I am beginning to pick up some bad vibes coming from City Hall, specifically - the Mayor's Office.

A lot of people I met initially upon my return to Frederick spent plenty of time complaining about former Mayor Jim Grimes, and I could see where some of their criticisms might have had some merit. He wasn't a perfect mayor, but I feel that the city is reaping the benefits from a lot of his policies and projects. But never, have I ever, been treated to such a circus as the one unfolding in City Hall these days. (Remember, I'm from California - the Left Coast!)

Reader's of The Tentacle and the like are most familiar with the hypocrisies coming down from Her Honor on a weekly, if not daily, basis. I think she is not being truthful about the whole (X-Hale) Noise Ordinance Law. Her pressure-washing of "Jennifer's" on one day and then declaring a moratorium on them the next. Cowering to the ACLU in the Ten Commandments fiasco, while wearing a gold Crucifix prominently at her news conferences. Using the opening of a community park to ride on the coat-tails of a Kennedy. *Sigh*

I may have to move back to California to regain my sanity.

J. Ian Motter, Frederick

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