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"America needs to Repent."

July 23, 2002

I'm an American, and I have nothing to repent about. I've perpetrated no crime against Mr. Shackleford, or any other American. I refuse to be tainted by his generalized guilt. I hope those Americans of European ancestry who read The Tentacle join me in rejecting Mr. Shackleford's claim to victim hood.

"We have extracted Revenge on the so-called enemy". (emphasis mine). ... and rightly so! What would it take for Mr. Shackleford to realize it isn't revenge, but justice and self-preservation, that motivated us in cleansing Afghanistan of the tyrannical grip of the Taliban and al Qaida?

What it would take for him to realize that his enemy, as an American, is terrorism - and those who promote it worldwide? What would it take for him to realize that the enemy is not "us"?

Nick Diaz, Middletown, MD

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