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Stick With What We Got!

January 6, 2002

The present form of government has worked well for Frederick County for many, many years. If you need to see the difference in how the other forms work, just look around at the other counties in the state and look at the chaos they have created in their counties, the higher taxes they pay, the special privileges only certain districts receive (depending on which represenattive has the most pull), etc., and you must agree that our present system is the best.

In this present form the residents of the county hold more sway, they can help make the decisions of what and how they want their county to look like to others (its very appealing the way it is now, just look at the influx of people from other counties).

Annapolis is a great policeman for Frederick County Commissioners. Commissioners generally get what they want from Annapolis if they ask for it.

For these reasons, and too many more to mention here, I think the Commissioners and the public of Frederick County should forget about the two other forms of local government and stick with what has work well for sooooo many years. After all if something isn't broke, why fix it.

Hazel Runkles, Woodville

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