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When were the Irish denied rights here?

February 15, 2002

Mike Kuster, in his article entitled, "Go Crackers! But Change The Mascot", said: "The only other nation used as a mascot are the Irish, another group denied rights in this country. "

Since when were the Irish denied rights in this country? This upsets me, and I am coming close to using some politically incorrect words. I, being of partial Irish descent, have no idea how the Irish were persecuted in this country.

The Native Americans were slaughtered, herded, clans destroyed, homes burned, and send from the fertile farmland of the east coast to the burning wastelands of Arizona. And the Irish were persecuted? No Irishman was forced to walk the Trail of Tears.

To compare the Irish and the Native Americans is absolutely ridiculous. It is inconceivable. It is ludicrous. And Mike Kuster needs to go back to high school if he does not understand what I am talking about.

As a foot note, I would be proud to see the Middletown Rednecks. Celebrating my culture is what I do best. Yee-Haw!

Patrick Covert, Middletown

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