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'Sexist' Depends on Your Viewpoint

April 1, 2002

In reference to the 'sexist' squabble that seems to have taken lift-off after an article published by John Ashbury on March 11th, I'd like to respond to the reader that posted her objections in the 'letters' section on the 15th.

As a female I was not offended by John's remarks, in fact I did chuckle from the comment. I can't see how a little humor in John's article would make someone feel the need to object so strongly and quote a style book.

There are two ways to look at this - one is with a sense of humor and a positive giggle and the other with a negative frown and a whole lot of wasted energy!

Seriously though, what is all the fuss about here? After all, If women are known to 'have the right to change there minds' doesn't that give us the upper hand?

Nicola George, Sacramento, CA

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