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Hospital Only Protecting The Safety of The Children

June 12, 2002

I wonder if during the time of the birth of his children did Mr. Kuster have the safety of the children in mind.

I do agree with him about the cafeteria. During the exciting and stressful time of a child's birth, who thinks of a sticker on your shirt! I also agree with the lack of places for the father to rest. I believe that is changing with the new birthing center. But, these instances do not qualify with denying paternal rights at all. They are just policies or room arrangements.

However, the rules regarding the nursery are in place for his children's safety. After the births of our three children, my husband was able to follow them from the delivery rooms and in one case the operating room, all the way through the process of first bath, measuring and picking out the caps while I was recuperating. Yes, he was not allowed to pick them up from the nursery but he was fully aware of the security concerns. Mr. Kuster says the nurses cannot just hand the baby to anyone - he should be thankful!!

Mr. Kuster may be a loving and involved father but how many others are not. How many others may harm or take the baby away from the hospital. The only secure link the hospital has is the mother-child link.

I am sure everybody is aware of how birth works so we can assume it is obvious who has the baby here, the mother or the father. The hospital handles dozens of babies born every day, are they supposed to remember your face?

As for the rules regarding paperwork, again, the only biological link the hospital can attest to is the mother-child link. Mrs. Kuster is lucky to have met and married a man willing to take responsibility for the creation of his children but many mothers are not. The one with them at birth may not be the child's father or the child's father may not want to be a part of the equation. The safest person to make decisions about the paperwork is the one who gave birth.

FMH is not trying to deny Mr. Kuster his rights, just safeguard the babies and the mothers. Be thankful your twins are healthy and please do not let these issues cloud the most beautiful day of your life.

Meg Fetting, Frederick

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