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On May 17, 1757, Samuel Emmit obtained a patent for a tract of land that became Emmitsburg.

On May 17, 1827, Ann Grahame McPherson Ross, who gave the Peale portrait of The Thomas Johnson Family to "the library provided by the will of Mrs. C. Burr Artz, and there always to remain," was born. She made her bequest in her will which was written six weeks before she died November 17, 1896.

On May 17, 1861, Frederick native James Cooper was commissioned a brigadier general by Abraham Lincoln, just 3 and one-half weeks after he entered the Union Army as a second lieutenant. Cooper died in March 1863.

On May 17, 1903, the Rev. James R. Lewis was installed as pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church. He served until February 16, 1906, when he moved to a church in Lovettsville, VA.

On May 17, 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill visited the Barbara Fritchie House on West Patrick Street in Frederick. Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Hopkins were with them.

On May 17, 1952, The Clagett Diocesan Center just south of Buckeystown, the former Buckingham Industrial School of Boys, was dedicated in ceremonies attended by more than 400 clergy and lay people.


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