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As Long as We Remember...

On November 21, 1803, the court martial of Col. Thomas Butler began in Frederick and ran through December 6. Butler was charged with disobedience of orders and neglect of duty. Butler apparently refused to have his hair cut to acceptable length under military regulations. He was found guilty on this charge, but not guilty on charges that he had refused to “descend the Mississippi to take command of Fort Adams.”

On November 21, 1887, John H. Biggus, of Woodville, was identified by Mrs. Mary L. Yeakle, of South Market Street, Frederick, as the man who had viciously assaulted her on November 18. On November 23, Biggus was lynched on Jefferson Street at the city limits.

On November 21, 1904, the Junior Fire Company on North Market Street in Frederick, placed in service a “combination chemical hose wagon,” purchased from the La France Engine Company.

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