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On October 22, 1749, Alexander Contee Hanson, son of John Hanson, first "President of The United States in Congress Assembled," was born. He became a local jurist and Chancellor of Maryland. He died January 16, 1806, in Annapolis.

On October 22, 1762, Catherine Barbara Schmidt, 18-year-old daughter of Casper Schmidt, became the first person to be buried in the cemetery of the Moravian Church at Graceham.

On October 22, 1773, four men who had murdered their master, Archibald Hoffman, were hanged in Frederick.

On October 22, 1809, Samuel Tyler, who wrote a biography of Chief Justice of the United States Roger Brooke Taney, was born in Prince George’s County. The first chapter of his life of Taney was written by the Chief Justice.

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