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On March 1, 1749, Otho Holland Williams, employed in the clerk's office at The Frederick County Court at age 14, and a distinguished hero of The Revolutionary War, was born in Prince George's County. He was also the founder of Williamsport. He died July 15, 1794, in Woodstock, VA, and was buried in Williamsport.

On March 1, 1781, John Hanson, of Frederick, signed The Articles of Confederation for Maryland. His staunch insistence that all the states give up their claims to "western lands" made Maryland the last state to sign these articles. It was also this insistence which led to his election as the "First President of The United States in Congress Assembled under The Articles of Confederation."

On March 1, 1842, William Gideon Baker, older brother of Joseph Dill Baker, and founder of The Buckingham School, was born in Buckeystown. He died September 14, 1922, and was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Frederick. He was also the father of William Gideon Baker, Jr., who was the co-founder of the financial house of Baker, Watts & Co.

On March 1, 1862, The Hessian Barracks on South Market Street in Frederick opened as General Hospital #1 for Union Army wounded.

On March 1, 1933, the Gospel Temple Apostolic Faith Church of Brunswick was dedicated. The founder and builder of the church was Elder Charles H. Johnson, who had been the pastor of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Brunswick.

On March 1, 1941, Congressman William D. Byron, of Maryland's Sixth Congressional District, was buried after services in Hagerstown. He was killed in a plane crash near Atlanta on February 27. His wife Kathryn was elected to replace him on May 27. Both his son, Goodloe, and his daughter-in-law, Beverly, served as Sixth District congressmen.

On March 1, 1962, the Brunswick Library Association was formed at a meeting at the YMCA. A new library was dedicated on April 20, 1963, at 317 Brunswick Street.

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