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On October 19, 1781, Charles Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown to General George Washington, ending The Revolutionary War. Many of the soldiers captured there were later housed at The Hessian Barracks in Frederick.

On October 19, 1863, sessions of the Frederick County Court began in the county's third courthouse. This building today serves as Frederick's City Hall.

On October 19, 1868, William Tyler Page, who wrote The American's Creed, was born on Record Street in Frederick.

On October 19, 1897, John Phillip Sousa and his band of "60 eminent musicians" gave a concert at The City Opera House on North Market Street in Frederick.

On October 19, 1942, Arthur C. Poulsen took over as the acting chief of The Frederick City Police Department.

On October 19, 1973, Judge Earl Larsen, a Minnesota federal judge, ruled, in a patent suit over royalties for the use of computer patents, that John Vincent Atanasoff, who lived the last 38 years of his life near New Market, was the inventor of the computer.

On October 19, 1984, Frederick City Police Private Daniel C. Eakle was shot and killed by City Police Sgt. William R. Hurt, after Eakle opened fire on Hurt's car at the intersection of West South and South Jefferson streets in Frederick. Hurt was Eakle's father-in-law.

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