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On October 25, 1833, Harriet Chapel Episcopal Church at Catoctin Furnace near Thurmont was consecrated by the Rt. Rev. William M. Stone, bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. It was named in honor of Harriet Brien, daughter of Col. John McPherson, who built the Mathias and Ross houses on Court House Square in Frederick.

On October 25, 1856, St. Paul's Lutheran Congregation of Myersville was organized.

On October 25, 1859, the Maryland Agricultural Society Cattle Show began at the Hessian Barracks on South Market Street in Frederick.

On October 25, 1862, both Union and Confederate troops crossed the Potomac River at Berlin (Brunswick) on a pontoon bridge.

On October 25, 1872, Roger Allen Doll, who with his brother operated Doll Brothers Department Store for many years at 205-207 North Market Street in Frederick, was born on West Second Street. He died November 18, 1958, at Vindobona Nursing Home at Braddock Heights.

On October 25, 1899, Theodore Roosevelt, then governor of New York and a future Vice President and President of The United States, addressed a capacity crowd at The City Opera House in the 100 block of North Market Street in Frederick at a rally of the local Republican Party.

On October 25, 1939, The Frederick Post reported that Ernie Berger, a local book dealer, addressed The Kiwanis Club of Frederick and told them of a newspaper published in Frederick prior to The Maryland Chronicle in 1786. The Maryland Chronicle was the first English language newspaper in Frederick.

On October 25, 1967, The Federal Communications Commission approved the sale of WFMD-AM and FM by Mrs. Evelyn C. Leonard to Jim Gibbons.

On October 25, 1985, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the construction of a new Montevue Home at Rosemont Avenue and Montevue Lane, in Frederick near Citizens Nursing Home.

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