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As Long as We Remember...

On September 15, 1732, On September 15, 1732, Thomas Price, who would become one of the 12 judges of the Frederick County Court that rejected the British Stamp Act on November 23, 1765, was born in Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA. He was the son of John and Rebecca King Price.

On September 15, 1849, George Johnson, an engineer with the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, was taken ill and removed from the train at Frederick Junction. Due to a panic over cholera, Johnson was left to the sole care of the telegraph operator, J. W. Carver. Johnson died a short time later, the illness was never fully diagnosed.

On September 15, 1860, the used Rodgers Fire Engine purchased by The Independent Hose Company No. 1 from Baltimore City arrived in Frederick and was tested on the 17th. It threw a stream of water 184 feet.

On September 15, 1864, McKendree Riley Etchison, who would become the owner of The Etchison Funeral Home established by his father in Jefferson in 1848, was born. He died May 3, 1952, at 11 West Second Street in Frederick.

On September 15, 1867, the first church of the Buckeystown Methodists was dedicated.

On September 15, 1938, McCutcheon Cider Mill was founded by Robert McCutcheon, his wife Helen, and William O. McCutcheon. The firm is now known as McCutcheon Apple Products and is located on South Wisner Street in Frederick.

On September 15, 1986, John Vincent Atanasoff, the New Market area resident credited as being the inventor of the computer, received the first Coors American Ingenuity Award.

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