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On September 1, 1862, the new courthouse for Frederick County was due for completion. Although it wasnít finished by that date, it was shortly thereafter. The building now serves as City Hall for The City of Frederick.

On September 1, 1885, Elmer F. Munshower, who would command the Maryland State Police and would become a Frederick City alderman and mayor, was born. He died July 6, 1976, at Frederick Memorial Hospital.

On September 1, 1901, ground was broken for Thurmontís Trinity Reformed Church on East Main Street. The cornerstone was laid on October 26, 1901.

On September 1, 1903, John H. Cutshall ended his term as secretary of The Mutual Insurance Company of Frederick County. He became secretary on November 11, 1893.

On September 1, 1925, the fifth annual convention of The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks began in Frederick.

On September 1, 1937, Josephine P. Etchison began work as the librarian at the C. Burr Artz Library, having been appointed on August 6, 1937. She remained in the position until June 1, 1967.

On September 1, 1958, Judge Edward Schley Delaplaine, a Frederick native, lawyer and historian, retired as an associate judge of The Maryland Court of Appeals.

On September 1, 1976, Samuel H. Rosenstock, Frederick philanthropist and retired businessman, became the first man to be awarded an honorary doctorate degree by Hood College.

On September 1, 1978, Drs. William F. Harper and Steven A. Pickert moved their offices into the Catoctin Medical Center in Thurmont. They had been recruited by town leaders Calvin E. Sayler, Ralph Stottlemyer, Raymond E. Creager and H. Lloyd Hoke to come to Thurmont after the town's only physician, Dr. Thomas A. Love, was killed in a traffic accident in 1968. The doctors moved their offices from a converted modular home in Thurmont.

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