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Mark L. Hoke

February 27, 2002
The Consequences of Presidential Millstones
Mark L. Hoke

The United States of America has fought two military engagements in the 20th Century which were impeded by artificially induced constrains. The first was Korea and the other was Operation Desert Storm.

February 12, 2002
Why Not Try the “Brain Trust?”
Mark L. Hoke

Past and present Boards of County Commissioners of Frederick County have  tried desperately to address growth management in our county. At issue is the current and proposed zoning ordinance.  

January 4, 2002
Procedures For War Established and Carried Out
Mark L. Hoke

Recently I gave a talk to a local service club on Veterans Day during which I outlined the United States policy with regard to the use of military forces. I was encouraged to make this information more widely known, so that is the essence of this article.

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