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The Tentacle

Harry M. Covert

September 23, 2016
Day at the Fair
Harry M. Covert

How about the success of the Great Frederick Fair? Good times had by all! Much to my chagrin I missed the tractor pull, demolition derby and looking over all of the farm animals. Maybe next year.

September 22, 2016
Details in the Reading
Harry M. Covert

Just when this class was heading to a written exam of U.S. history, a confession is in order today. Please note "to err is human to forgive is divine."

September 19, 2016
Edith Wilson Deserves 1-A
Harry M. Covert

Will the class please come to order! Notebooks of all sorts are allowed and it matters not a whit if you're chewing Wrigley's or Double Bubble, but please no snuff, nor Red Man, Beech Nut, or Skoal.

September 16, 2016
All is Normal, Rather Good
Harry M. Covert

The current age of general boo-hooing, belly-aching, begging for apologies, street marches and other sorts of protesting is something to behold. Everybody, to be quite serious, has some gripe. What would the world be if everything was smooth as a baby's bottom? Don't answer the question.

September 12, 2016
The Golden Opportunity
Harry M. Covert

How pleasant the words, The Golden Mile. They are quite like twinkling lights that invite opportunity for Frederick. This is not a new talking point. It is one returning to the exciting world of entrepreneurs, developers, business leaders and everyday people.

September 8, 2016
Calm before the Storm?
Harry M. Covert

Thank goodness. We survived the predicted heavy rain and wind that didn’t arrive. There was no need for the states of emergencies, but preparation was vital. A happy and joyful Labor Day it was. It was the calm before a storm which could still erupt.

September 2, 2016
His Excellency and Labor Day
Harry M. Covert

All the hullabaloo about starting school after Labor Day in Frederick County and the rest of Maryland is interesting and not the least bit entertaining.

September 1, 2016
Finally, Illegitimacy of ‘Testing’
Harry M. Covert

It was a pleasant story. The Frederick County Board of Education has finally, even under immense pressure, decided that students unable to speak or communicate by themselves don’t have to take standardized tests.

August 23, 2016
Some Words for the Wise
Harry M. Covert

This space has inveighed numerous times against Frederick County's charter government. Similarly, discussion is prominent toward the administration and tactics of the elected county executive who, in reality, is the chief cook and bottle washer. The position is untouchable.

August 18, 2016
The Day of Fountain Pens, No. 2 Pencils
Harry M. Covert

Back to school days. How exciting for all the young girls and boys preparing for kindergarten and elementary learning, plus the older and sophisticated heading to junior and senior high schools ready for classroom academic sessions and extracurricular activities, athletics and Friday night football and marching bands.

August 15, 2016
Non-Compos Mentis and $49,736.87
Harry M. Covert

There are so many needy causes to support in Frederick County, it is impossible to list them all here.


August 12, 2016
You're Kidding, A Taxless Week
Harry M. Covert

I missed out on the downtown Frederick promotion tour of the upcoming statewide sales tax holiday. Except for some local officials, I wasn't alone.

August 11, 2016
They Went for the Gold
Harry M. Covert

What a pleasant week for most everyone, including me. I got serious and into good shape for the Olympiad in Rio.

August 8, 2016
Quiet Thurmont in the News
Harry M. Covert

The news cycle enjoyed these days is wonderful. Other than being worn out in this startling Information Age, copycats come to the fore with dangerous acts.

August 4, 2016
Robbin’, Shootin’ in Downtown Frederick
Harry M. Covert

For the life if me, I don't understand why the Annapolis legislature won't allow concealed carry weapons for good people.

August 2, 2016
Hear ye! Hear ye! Please!
Harry M. Covert

Several items need attention involving life and times in the city and county of Frederick. I have the floor. I'm not running for any office and have no intention of doing so.

July 28, 2016
The Joys of Journalism
Harry M. Covert

For a moment, why not talk about some good things in the land of liberty? It can be done despite the free-for-all enveloping in every section of America, excluding our compatriots to the north and south.

July 26, 2016
Warning: Money, Money, More Money
Harry M. Covert

“The following may be a trigger warning." It is nice that teevee people are so caring about emotional stress of viewers.


July 22, 2016
An Early Morning Education
Harry M. Covert

Where does it say in the law – or anywhere else – that good people just oughta give up and let robbers and gun-toting thieves have their way? I mean, shooting, stealing or threatening us and getting away with such conduct.

July 21, 2016
Keep Bags of Quote Marks Handy
Harry M. Covert

I learned early in the writing and newspaper games to always keep a bag full of quotation marks handy. You never know when wit and wisdom will strike and a pen, pencil or keyboard of some sort needs attention.

July 18, 2016
Un-hyphenating Lifestyles
Harry M. Covert

Tragedy after tragedy continues to befall life as we know it. I will admit shamelessly that the police fatal shootings in Falcon Heights, MN, and Baton Rouge, LA, brought real tears to my eyes. Then the Dallas assassinations of five police officers brought horror to my heart. And now, Baton Rouge again.

July 14, 2016
'Neutrals' Fooling Partisans
Harry M. Covert

So, according to a peculiar tradition, the Frederick County Board of Education election is nonpartisan. For the naïve and innocent, this means members are neutral, or eunuchs, when it comes to partisan politics. They are elected supposedly as non-Democrats and non-Republicans and other political influence.

July 7, 2016
A Nation 'Up for Grabs'
Harry M. Covert

Not for one second was I among the many who figured federal charges of any sort would be brought against a woman presidential nominee.

July 4, 2016
Happy Birthday to Us
Harry M. Covert

Never thought I'd reach the 240th birthday of the greatest country on the planet. I most certainly have, as have so many millions today; so without further ado, let’s eat, drink and be merry.

July 1, 2016
Governor’s Cabinet, 20-20 Vision
Harry M. Covert

Here we are smack in the middle of summer. Everybody in this haven of tranquility, I am speaking about Frederick City and county and all the other towns, is getting ready for the weekend and the birthday celebration.

June 28, 2016
Vigils and the Bully Pulpit
Harry M. Covert

The time has come for a real vigil. Using this bully pulpit, something must be done to halt the slide to “Hell in a Handbasket” as a humorist of yore penned more than a century ago.

June 14, 2016
The Pulse of the Nation
Harry M. Covert

By all rights the subject today ought to be about local topics of interest. There are plenty. The growing upheaval regarding the Frederick County Council and more specifically, the so-called leadership of the president which is swirling – whether partisans agree or not. And, continuing, the discourtesy to the minority members of the board.

June 9, 2016
World Series for Politics and Baseball
Harry M. Covert

Multi-tasking can be fun. This is expressly true when it comes to punching the teevee remote control in these largesse days of politics, baseball and tweeting. The fields of communication and comments are white with harvest – dare we use a scriptural emphasis.

June 7, 2016
Keeping the Pots Boiling
Harry M. Covert

Everybody all over the place is enduring the shock treatment of the past year. It’s hard to imagine the national political free-for-all gets worse every 24-hour period. It does.

May 31, 2016
Etymologists and Expletives Deleted?
Harry M. Covert