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As Long as We Remember...

Paul Gilligan

April 5, 2002
This Power Plant Is A Bad Deal For The County
Paul Gilligan

Over the past year, the saga of the power plant development has slowly inched its’ way through the halls of bureaucracy, county government chambers, and citizen forums. The beast will not be killed.

February 28, 2002
Will Performance Zoning Work Here?
Paul Gilligan

The County Commissioners again are attempting to inform the public about the proposed changes to the zoning ordinances for the county. The commissioners organized an instructive workshop on February 9th, at which participants were able to ask questions and discuss the reasons for the changes to the ordinances. About seventy people took advantage of the time and listened to the consultant, Lane Kendig, outlining his reasons for the recommended changes.

January 15, 2002
Listen To Your Mother, Jennifer!
Paul Gilligan

On Thursday last, many who wished Jennifer Dougherty well in her race for Mayor of Frederick City, congratulated her on her inauguration. It was a great affair with bagpipers and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend as the guest speaker.

January 4, 2002
Where Are We? And Where Are We Going?
Paul Gilligan

In the New Year we will be making some critical decisions about the future of our County. We will select those individuals that will run the machinery of our county government and those who will represent us to the State of Maryland. The process demands that we elect our representatives every four years. These decisions will be made whether - as individuals - we participate or not.

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