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Billy Shreve

November 6, 2015
Council Briefs October 2015
Billy Shreve

Updates on what is happening in Jan’s World, the world as it exists under the “new” County Executive (CE) and County Council form of Government.


May 26, 2014
Tackling School System Budgeting Pro-Actively
Billy Shreve

Recently the Frederick County Board of Education made several statements in support of an increase in education funding by the Board of County Commissioners. While its letter was big on hyperbole, it was lacking in honest and complete facts.

October 20, 2006
The $2 Billion Dollar Question
Billy Shreve
Traffic congestion is on the minds of citizens in Frederick County. Some folks believe we need to stop growth until we get traffic under control; others believe we will never control traffic.

Yellow Cab
The Morning News Express with Bob Miller
The Covert Letter

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