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As Long as We Remember...

Chris Patterson

October 18, 2006
Media Endorsements - Who Cares?
Chris Patterson
The General Election nears and it's time to ask ourselves how we will vote. But in deciding this important question, consider how much you are influenced by local media endorsements. Is it a little? Or a lot? Perhaps somewhere between the two?

September 5, 2006
Real Republicans
Chris Patterson
Recently I learned I am a Real Republican in the model of Real Republicans "Cady, Lovell, Jenkins, Shreve and McIntyre." I know this because a mailer I received told me these folks are Real Republicans and then told me what these folks stand for.

August 9, 2006
Election Lessons, Part 1
Chris Patterson
It's the dog days of summer. Temps are in the 90s and 100s. The primary election is around the corner. It's time for a lesson in how to run a campaign. Today's lesson is SIGNS.

May 17, 2006
Image is everything
Chris Patterson
Ladies and Gentlemen! You are not going to believe this, but the place to go to lose weight is…wait for it…

April 26, 2006
Mooney's Abstention Just Plain Stupid
Chris Patterson
Okay. Somebody has to say it. State Senator Alex Mooney is just plain stupid and it doesn't matter what anyone says. And occasionally he proves the point publicly.

April 7, 2006
There but for the grace of God.
Chris Patterson
As a nation, we are involved in a very tough debate right now. Most Americans agree some immigration reform is necessary, but in what way? And to what degree?

March 28, 2006
Nepotism in City Hall: Error or Oversight?
Chris Patterson
Boiling it down, there are two very reasonable and sound positions on Frederick Mayor Jeff Holtzinger’s hiring of his sister-in-law as project manager.

March 24, 2006
Quit smoking, stupid!
Chris Patterson
I understand why people smoke. I really do. I did it myself on and off for most of my adult life. There were months at a time that I didn't smoke, but I quit for good over four years ago and have never looked back.

February 1, 2006
Alderman’s Prayer Still a Hot Topic
Chris Patterson
You would think we had heard from just about everyone on the matter of Alderman Paul Smith’s invocation at a recent Frederick City meeting. Letters to the editors of local papers still trickle in on the subject. People still talk about it.

January 26, 2006
Warrantless Wiretapping is a Big Deal
Chris Patterson
The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution states that the right of the people to be secure requires probable cause for warrants to be issued when the government wants to search or otherwise invade your privacy. But President George W. Bush, waiving reminders of September 11, 2001, thinks he does not have to abide by the Bill of Rights.

January 17, 2006
Like Father, Like Son
Chris Patterson
Whenever there is a particularly acidic radio host on the air or some column with venomous and personal attacks, people can’t wait to hear it, read it and talk about it. Sure, most of us say publicly that we don’t want to hear or read those kinds of things. Yet strangely they abound. Perhaps we like them more than we are willing to admit.

December 15, 2005
A Message From Above
Chris Patterson
The world of marketing, or should I say "re-marketing," has re-invented the beginning of the universe.

November 8, 2005
Predators are everywhere
Chris Patterson
There is little in America that raises one’s ire more than a reporter. I know because that is what I did for a living for seven years here.

October 31, 2005
Ah, The Hubris of Elected Officials
Chris Patterson
The election in Frederick City is only a day away and it will be good to see how many Frederick residents come out to vote, and, of course, who is sent to City Hall for the next four years.

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