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Linda & Tony Checchia

October 31, 2002
The Power of Knowledge
Linda & Tony Checchia
Endorsements, in our opinion, are sometimes not worth the paper they are printed on. Our editor has suggested that we offer an endorsement for one (or more) candidate(s), should we see fit to do so, as we approach Election Day.

July 25, 2002
Mayor Needs Training, Not HDC Members!
Linda & Tony Checchia
The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently included the City of Frederick on its 2002 list of "America's dozen distinctive destinations," identifying the "best-preserved and unique communities in the United States." This enormous national recognition and honor confirm what we have long professed: Frederick is indeed a special place of unparalleled architecture and historic downtown charm and an amazing city in which to work, live, visit, and play.

July 5, 2002
Significance of Quattro di Luglio
Linda & Tony Checchia
As children of two respective sets of parents who immigrated to this country from Italy, the 4th of July is especially significant to us.

June 28, 2002
A Pledge of Allegiance.
Linda & Tony Checchia
I pledge allegiance to - but retain the right to fight against - the flag, which I retain the right to burn, of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands - although I have no clue what it stands for one nation, unless it is deemed monopolistic and unconstitutional to be so, with no recognized, declared, implied or expressly stated "God," divisible by the courts, with liberty for all those who disagree and justice for all those who may happen to be "offended."

May 31, 2002
Charleston, S.C.: What Frederick Could Become - Perhaps
Linda & Tony Checchia

After exactly 594 miles and 9½ hours, we find ourselves in Charleston, South Carolina, the first stop in our “Great American Road Trip” through the south. The slower pace down here has given us ample time to reflect on what we’ve encountered in Charleston and, naturally, we can’t help but draw comparisons to life back in the City of Frederick.

May 15, 2002
Section 8 Tenant Leads Landlord To Disaster - Part I
Linda & Tony Checchia

As the City of Frederick joins the national debate regarding the future of public, subsidized housing in considering the Hope VI Project and expanding Section 8 Housing, we wish to add to the dialogue by sharing some insights based on a shocking eye-opening, personal experience.

April 11, 2002
City Tax Assessments Flat, EXCUSE ME?
Linda & Tony Checchia

Could someone kindly tell us what the word flat means? We assume flat to mean constant - not fluctuating, not increasing, not decreasing.  However, there seems to be another definition of “flat” circulating at City Hall that we simply do not understand.

March 20, 2002
Saturday Night in Fredericktown
Linda & Tony Checchia

Along with another couple, we went to the Weinberg Center on Saturday, March 16th to view “Gone with the Wind,” a majestic cinematic classic that can be described, on one level, as the story of an insecure, self-centered girl coming to terms with change. 

March 7, 2002
The Leadership Test For Commissioner Candidates
Linda & Tony Checchia

On the very last page of the front section of the March 2nd Frederick News Post (an odd place for a news story of this magnitude), a report appeared stating that the Reverend Samie Conyers, a Republican, had withdrawn his name for this fall’s county commissioners’ race. The report offered no explanation as to why. It did confirm, however, that with the Rev. Conyer’s pullout, the only other candidate to have officially registered to run for county commissioner is John Lovell, Jr.

February 21, 2002
Cause and Effect: The Growth Issue
Linda & Tony Checchia

To add to the ongoing debate surrounding how Frederick County should handle the explosive issue of growth, we wish to take this opportunity to enumerate a cause and effect pattern that we deem noteworthy. 

January 23, 2002
When Democracy Works...
Linda & Tony Checchia

The dictionary defines democracy as “government by the people in which supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.” Abraham Lincoln more succinctly explained democracy as a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” 


January 17, 2002
Some Common Sense Pleasssse…Part 2
Linda & Tony Checchia

Are you going to let the county tell you what flowers to plant on your property?

January 16, 2002
Some Common Sense Pleasssse….Part I
Linda & Tony Checchia

The Frederick County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is in the process of adopting a whole new zoning ordinance, completely abandoning what is now in place. Because this issue, while neither glamorous nor sexy, has

January 2, 2002
Code Home Rule is half a cup
Linda & Tony Checchia

On the November 2002 ballot, Frederick County voters will be asked to vote on changing the form of county government. The Frederick Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) recently decided 4 to 1 to let the voters determine if the current form of government should be replaced with code home rule. We argue that there are other alternatives and, among them, a better one than code home rule.

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