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Ronald W. Wolf

October 27, 2003
Coincidences and Swan Songs
Ronald W. Wolf
Talk about coincidences. The other day I was talking with a friend who lives in Leesburg and somehow the subject of Arthur Godfrey came up. Mr. Godfrey, for those who can't remember, or pretend they aren't old enough to remember, was a radio and television personality, in fact a television pioneer.

July 30, 2003
Who Can Walk in Bob Hope's Shoes?
Ronald W. Wolf
Entertainer Bob Hope has died at age 100. There is something about time, place, and events that shape individuals lives, making each unique. Mr. Hope's unique life was to be a "legendary entertainer."

March 13, 2003
Why Didn't You Vote?
Ronald W. Wolf
Finally, the Maryland State Board of Elections has gotten data on last Novemberís election so political junkies can gnaw on it. Turns out Frederick County wasn't all that interested in going to the polls. How come?

February 20, 2003
Governor Ehrlich's Second Dilemma
Ronald W. Wolf
Governor Robert Ehrlich wants slots at Maryland's horse tracks to help fund education and balance the state budget. But there's a problem. Maryland may not want slots at all, regardless of where the money goes. And if slots return to Maryland, after a 40-year absence, it may be in a form other than what he has proposed.

February 13, 2003
Governor Ehrlich's First Dilemma
Ronald W. Wolf
Al Duke is right about one thing (The Tentacle, January 31): Another study on the death penalty would be redundant. No one's opinion regarding the death penalty is going to change with additional studies.

January 10, 2003
The Sport of Business
Ronald W. Wolf
The city of Atlanta is turning out to be very kind to University of Maryland sports teams. Last spring brought an NCAA championship in basketball, and on New Year's Eve, a Peach Bowl victory. But the Peach Bowl did not start out very friendly. At the start of the game, there were 50,000 people wearing orange shirts and only about 15,000 wearing red shirts. How did that happen?

December 30, 2002
College Sports and Money
Ronald W. Wolf
How important is it for the University of Maryland to sell out its allotment of tickets for the Peach Bowl? The answer: very important--because college football is a big business. But is that good or bad?

December 12, 2002
Hunting The Perfect Christmas Tree
Ronald W. Wolf
Frederick County has a number of cut-your-own Christmas tree farms that take advantage of the hilly, rocky slopes. They're the place to go to hunt the perfect Christmas tree.

October 18, 2002
Marathon Gender Equality
Ronald W. Wolf
This past weekend, British runner Paula Radcliffe set a new world record for women in the Chicago Marathon, knocking more than a minute and a half off the old record. In marathon running, women are gaining on the men and may catch up soon.

September 30, 2002
Let's Eliminate Social Security Now
Ronald W. Wolf
The privatization of Social Security was a plank in the presidential campaign of George W. Bush. The basic idea was that you decide where your retirement money is invested, taking all the risk. The crash of the stock market in the past couple of years has prevented the Bush administration from pursuing efforts, for now, to privatize social security. That will change after the election in November.

September 23, 2002
Windmills Of Your Mind Coming To A Mountain Near You
Ronald W. Wolf
Duke Energy, at least for now, has taken its proposed power plant for the Monocacy Valley and headed for the hills. When it gets there it may find other companies already there building windmills to serve the same purpose -generate electricity.

August 30, 2002
For Professional Baseball, It's Always Strike Two
Ronald W. Wolf
With the warning siren for a baseball strike apparently about to wail, Major League Baseball faces another crisis. It's not baseball's first, or last. Baseball weathered its previous strikes and work stoppages. It will again, because baseball is a tradition that we cannot abandon any more than we can abandon the Fourth of July.

August 6, 2002
Senator Mooney Assimilates Frederick County
Ronald W. Wolf
Why does Alex Mooney want to spend more than $600,000 to keep his $30,000 per year job as a state senator? That's what he states he needs to raise in his latest fundraising letter.

July 15, 2002
A Trolley for Frederick County, Again
Ronald W. Wolf
Once Frederick County had an inter-urban trolley called the H&F. The terminus in Frederick is currently the Frederick News-Post offices at Patrick and Carroll Streets. To go to Thurmont, you rode past Hood College and Fort Detrick and through what today is Whittier. Then the line turned north. The old right of way is easily visible where it intersects Christopher's Crossing. If the H&F existed today, it would be called light rail. Maybe it's time to bring the trolley back.

July 5, 2002
New Traditions for the Fourth of July
Ronald W. Wolf
We need to consider another tradition to go along with fireworks and hamburgers on the grill this Fourth of July. We need to make it a tradition to re-read the Declaration of Independence, so we can stay in touch with why this country was founded the way it was.

June 28, 2002
Raising Tobacco Taxes Again Is a Good, Conservative Idea
Ronald W. Wolf
"Health Care For All" is an effort of the Maryland Citizen's Health Initiative. Their goal is affordable health care for all Marylanders, and numerous unions, civic groups, and churches have endorsed their plan.

June 21, 2002
The Great Airline Train Wreck
Ronald W. Wolf
I need to vent, and you're stuck with listening to me. The airline industry, in trouble even before last September, is a disaster with most airlines losing money, and they are almost powerless to change it. Running head-on into them are our airports - now with more federal management. Does the airline industry mirror the federal government by having no concept of what service is?

June 6, 2002
Private and Public Morality
Ronald W. Wolf
It's odd that the ACLU and ACLJ have acronyms with such similar initials, considering they are opposites

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