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Hayden Duke

February 18, 2020
You Aren't Paying Enough Of Your Fair Share
Hayden Duke

I was very disappointed when I read recently that Councilmember Michael Blue is going to co-sponsor an increase of $1 in Recordation Fees. You might think I’m being stingy, and rightly so. Right now our Recordation Fee is $6.00 per $500, if passed the $1 increase would take it to $7.00 per $500.

February 12, 2020
Grievance Porn Over Happiness
Hayden Duke

“And as for those who are happy, they will be in Paradise, abiding there so long as the heavens and the earth endure, unless your Lord wills, as uninterrupted giving.” This is a quote from the Quran about happiness, (Quran 11:108).

January 22, 2020
Local Councilman Gorging At The Public Trough
Hayden Duke

Congratulations! On January 16th, 2020 a new dependent was potentially added to your family. How, you ask? The Charter Review Commission voted 4-2-1 (in favor, against, abstention) to “remove current prohibition on paying County Council members fringe benefits.”

January 9, 2020
Frederick Has a German Heritage, But Nazis? Part II
Hayden Duke

Have you ever said anything stupid? Anything that you wish you hadn’t said as soon as the words escaped your lips? When this happens most of us apologize either immediately or shortly thereafter. This is what normal, well-adjusted people and organizations do.

January 7, 2020
Frederick Has A German Heritage, But Nazis?
Hayden Duke

On a snowy day at the end of 1944 my grandfather, a country boy from Rockville, who was all of 18 took part in the Battle of the Bulge. He killed Nazi’s. More specifically, he took out several SS members (Schutzstaffel; “Protection Squadron” in English).

October 9, 2019
Seeking a Better World
Hayden Duke

Recently the entire world was treated to a teenager temper tantrum on the world stage. Self-appointed climate savior Greta Thunberg lectured world leaders on climate change. She accused them of destroying her dreams and ruining her future.

October 2, 2019
Both Sides of 287(g)
Hayden Duke

On Sunday, October 6, there will be dueling immigration demonstrations in the City of Frederick. In one corner, in Baker Park to be exact, there will be a pro 287(g) demonstration. Speakers will include Angel Mom’s, Tom Homan of Fox News, and Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

September 19, 2019
Almost Run Down – by a Bicyclist
Hayden Duke

My spirit and body were almost extinguished by a bicycle for the second time in my life a few days ago. I was walking my dogs Downtown – in a very law abiding manner – and we waited patiently at a stop light.

September 3, 2019
Stand Up For Freedom!
Hayden Duke

Recently I went to see “Angel Has Fallen” at the Westview Cinemas. I go to the movies about as often as a coherent sentence sallies forth from the mouths of AOC or Steve King, which is to say I rarely go.

August 23, 2019
Solving The Climate “Crisis”
Hayden Duke

For years, or rather, decades now, Bart Simpson has told us “don’t have a cow.” Finally, after speaking truth-to-power someone in government finally listened.

May 17, 2018
Grinding to a Halt
Hayden Duke

Surprise is usually reserved for others, but when I was chosen as the Republican of the Year by the Frederick County Republican Central Committee at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, the tables were turned on me. I was very surprised and deeply honored.

May 2, 2018
More “At-Large” County Council Candidates
Hayden Duke

After reviewing the candidacy of Jason Miller and Danny Farrar, both of whom are running for the Frederick County Council-at-Large, delving into other candidates for the “at-large” County Council seats seems appropriate.

April 13, 2018
Two for the Show
Hayden Duke

Last June I was speaking with someone who mentioned that one of the other aldermanic candidates suggested that we all run as a slate. I don’t like slates for many reasons.

April 6, 2018
The Race for GOP Central Committee
Hayden Duke

Since candidate filing for the 2018 elections ended a month ago, there have been two notable additions to the ballot here in Frederick County. Earl Robbins and Bud Otis will be running as unaffiliated candidates for county executive and county council-at-large respectively.

December 27, 2017
Keeping More of What’s Ours
Hayden Duke

I hope the good readers of had a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukah and a blessed holiday season. I did not intend to write a political column this week since I believe that a break from politics is a good thing.

December 13, 2017
Can 2021 be good for the GOP in Frederick?
Hayden Duke

The next election in the City of Frederick isn’t until November 2021. The filing doesn’t even open until January of 2021, but the election has already begun.

November 29, 2017
A United Front Works Best
Hayden Duke

As a candidate I had always said that if I were to lose I didn’t want it to be close. The voters of Frederick City granted my wish – and that of every Republican candidate, on November 7th. It was a clean sweep for the Democrats for the first time in several decades.

November 14, 2017
Working Together Promises Great Results
Hayden Duke

Going to a “victory party” after you and your team loses an election is the closest thing in life to going to your own wake. The air feels heavy. You are greeted with somber faces and given condolences by family, good friends and acquaintances.

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